Types of Lighting for Your Home

One of the most important parts of your home is the lighting. A properly-lit room gives a warm and welcoming feel, allows you to perform specific tasks and even acts as a design element. There are four main types of lighting that are commonly found in homes- ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Ambient lighting– This type of lighting, also referred to as general lighting, fills your entire room with light rather than having it in one particular spot. This allows for an even, comfortable level of brightness. This diffused light provides an overall illumination that works in practically any room in your home. Common examples of ambient lighting include ceiling lights, paper lanterns, wall sconces, floor lamps and dimmers.

Task lighting– Just like the name says, this type of lighting is used for a specific task and area that requires extra light (which ambient lighting cannot provide). Examples of common tasks this lighting can be used for include reading, applying makeup and cooking. This type of lighting helps to keep your eyes from getting tired. Some popular forms of task lighting include desk lamps, appliance lights and specialty items- such as a lighted closet rod.

Accent lighting– This type of lighting creates a visual interest by drawing the eye to a particular space or object in the room. It is often used to highlight a painting, sculpture or houseplant. Sometimes referred to as directional lighting, accent lighting adds drama to an otherwise bland space. Popular examples of this type of lighting include halogen spotlights and table lamps.

Decorative lighting– This final type of lighting is used for design and aesthetic purposes. These lighting fixtures draw attention to themselves and add character to your room. Decorative lighting needs to be used in conjunction with other forms of lighting, since it is mainly used for decorative purposes and not to provide adequate light. Examples of this type of lighting include chandeliers and wall sconces.

*all images are from Houzz