3 Common Uses for Hidden Doors

p>One way to add storage, privacy and some interest to your home is to install a hidden door. Sometimes referred to as an invisible door or secret bookcase door, this innovative home structure is becoming more and more popular in homes over the past few years. Hidden doors are usually installed in place of interior doors or are sometimes built into a wall where there is something to conceal. Here are three of the most common uses for installing hidden doors in your home.


Storage- A common complaint amongst homeowners is the lack of storage space. Hidden doors are an excellent option to add a closet or even a full room for all your items. Common storage uses include a pantry or linen closet, your own private wine cellar or an entryway to an attic.


Privacy- Sometimes you just need to get away from everything- and a space hidden behind a secret door can provide just that. This private retreat can be a home office, a room for your hobbies, a panic room, a place to safely store your pricey valuables, a home gym or even a secret playroom for your children.


Aesthetic- Hidden doors can conceal something that would otherwise make your home look cluttered or messy. Examples of this include a hidden mechanical room, a room for the furnace, a laundry room or gun storage.  These doors also can create a beautiful space in your home to display your trinkets, prized possessions or collections. Even if you don’t have a secret room to conceal, these doors will add a designer’s touch to your home.

So whether you decide to show off your hidden door to house guests or keep it a secret all to yourself, this home renovation will bring years of enjoyment and function.


*all images are from Houzz