Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger

Sometimes the size of the rooms in your home is beyond your control. You want to have enough space in your kitchen to prepare and serve meals, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a little. Whether you own the house or are just renting, there are a variety of things you can do to help make your kitchen appear larger.

One way to make your kitchen appear larger is to highlight the height of it. If you’re looking to remodel your space, choose taller and thinner cabinets to create the illusion of height (the same goes for appliances and décor items). Opt for lights that are installed into the ceiling and not ones that hang down, which will only make your kitchen appear shorter.

Another way to make your kitchen appear larger is to use lighter colors. White cabinets create an open space and evoke a clean and light look. Try swapping out your old cabinets for white ones or using a light colored paint or glaze to touch them up. When choosing a floor color or pattern, keep it simple and light as well. A nice wood grain or simple stripe will make the eye think the room is bigger.

Bring in adequate lighting for your space to keep the room from getting too dark. Natural light can certainly do the trick, but installing small lights under cabinets or close to work spaces will add space to countertops. If possible, replace your cabinet doors with glass- it will open up your kitchen and bring your eyes to the depth of the cabinets.

A simple way to create space in your kitchen without a remodel is to re-organize everything. Cluttered countertops and cabinets only make your space appear small. Consider hidden storage options, shelving in your pantries, and island countertops to create extra space.

Lastly, eliminate anything that is too flashy or muddled. Opt for simple hardware, a basic floor tile and only keep appliances and items in sight that you use daily. Bold patterns and large décor items will overwhelm the space and take away from the space.