Rolling Library Ladders from CS Hardware

rolling library ladder

Rolling library ladders offer a simple but sophisticated design element to homes and businesses while being exceptionally useful. The purpose of a rolling ladder is to access those hard-to-reach places with ease. An added bonus is that the ladders provide a unique look to your home and can become the main attraction of your room.

There are so many everyday uses for rolling ladders in today’s homes. One of the most popular uses is as an actual library ladder. Choose a Quiet Glide or E-Glide rolling ladder to help you reach books on the highest shelves. Even though a library is usually the first place that comes to mind for these accessories, there are other common uses for rolling ladders. Add a sleek ALTA metal sliding ladder to your wine cellar to reach your finest vino, or install a classic Putnam rolling ladder in a bathroom to reach guest towels and extra toiletries. Any of our rolling library ladders work well in a walk-in closet, kitchen, or any room in your home that has tall shelves or high storage.

At Custom Service Hardware, we offer rolling library ladders with customizable features. When selecting a sliding ladder, you get to choose from your favorite type of wood, shade of finish, type of upper guides and wheel style. These options allow you to find the rolling library ladder that matches perfectly with your home’s style and décor. Popular finishes for the hardware include antique brass, bronze, and satin nickel, while popular wood choices include oak, maple, and cherry.

It’s important to make sure your rolling ladder is correctly installed for the safety of you and your family. Consult a professional about installing the ladder to prevent any accidents from improper setup. Make sure everything is accurately measured and that the space of the room is taken into account when ordering your ladder. If you have questions about adding a rolling library ladder to your home, give us a call at 262-375-7960.