4 Easy & Affordable Bathroom Updates

Remodeling your entire bathroom can be an extensive and costly task. Thankfully, there are many small updates that can be made that will make just as large of an impact on the look and functionality of your room. These small updates require little time, little knowledge of home improvement and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Replace your fixtures. The two main fixtures that should be replaced are your faucets and shower heads The faucet is used by essentially everyone who enters the bathroom, so having one that is up-to-date, functional and attractive is a must. Many times, people use the default shower head that came with their home- these are usually older and may be rusted. Updating to a new shower head is inexpensive and easy. They make a variety of water-efficient ones that are great for those who want to “go green”. Lastly, replace any old cabinet knobs, pulls, and towel racks.

2. Make everything match. In many bathrooms, things are mismatched and there isn”t an overall aesthetic going on. Many times, people don’t see the decor of bathrooms to be as important as a living room or kitchen. However, by choosing towels, bath mats and shower curtains that all go together, your bathroom will become more inviting. Replace old hardware and knobs so that they all match. For example, make everything stainless steel or brushed nickel so it is cohesive. Adding a few paintings

or simple decor items will also help make your bathroom a more inviting space.

3. Switch up the lighting. The bathroom Her finner du over 450 casino spill, som inkluderer storheter innen spilleautomater, bordspill, poker, roulette og blackjack, som kan nytes i var nedlastbare casino programvare eller i vart flash casino. is a room where good lighting is a must. You need proper lighting to see while showering and bathing, as

well as when applying make-up, cleaning your face or brushing your teeth in the sink. Choose high-quality and ample lighting fixtures to replace old ones. Always replace burned-out bulbs with new ones so the lighting is as bright as possible. For more ambient lighting, install a dimmer switch if needed.

4. Update your cabinets. Putting in new cabinets altogether can be time-consuming and pricey, so by updating them just a little, you can see benefits. Your options include painting your cabinets a new color, refinishing them, applying a light glaze or gloss, simply giving them a good clean or replacing the cabinet doors. Adding new hardware also can spruce up the look of your bathroom.

*All images are from Houzz