Home Hardware for the Holidays

Home projects and hardware can take on a new life during the holiday season. Even if the DIY-er in your life just needs a new power tool, dressing up the gift with a bow or ribbon adds the holiday spirit. However, home projects during the holidays can stray from the usual upkeep and transform into hardware-based home improvement ideas that bring the holiday spirit into your home. Consider some ways to repurpose items in your home and really bring the festive feeling to everyday pieces.

Update Fireplace

Update the look of your fireplace with some accent pieces or additions. Fireplace mantels come in a variety of decorative, handcrafted styles. They come in fine woods, stone, granite, brick, and other materials. Add sleek sophistication to your fireplace with an intricate design. On the other hand, choosing a white mantel keeps the look of the fireplace clean while highlighting other decorations, such as stockings or lights in your home.

Reuse Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets are a big part of your kitchen, and therefore a source of many home improvement ideas. From updating the hardware to change the look, to painting or refinishing the cabinets, these are some of the most common ideas home owners choose for a home project. However, since it’s the holidays, why not think of a completely new and decorative way to change your kitchen cabinets affordably? The first step is assessing your cabinet doors. If they need replacing, that’s a perfect excuse to find new cabinet doors, as well as decorative knobs and hinges for the new installation. But don’t toss your old cabinet door: repurpose it! Turn that cabinet door into a serving tray, a platform to display art, or even turn it into a message board with some chalkboard paint.

Winter Storage

A creative imagination can go a long way, especially when it comes to storage solutions. In the winter all your guests and family members arrive with big coats that need hanging and wet or dirty footwear that is meant for the outdoors. Adding extra hooks to your hallway or closet will allow you to store more. Consider using decorative hooks, whether it’s on your hallway wall or inside a closet, for a festive feel. Offer some wicker baskets for guests to place their wet or muddy boots. Shoes can get tossed around even with the best of intentions on a floor mat, but dropping them in baskets or buckets keeps everything in one place – and ensures the floor stays clean!


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