5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Have you just remodeled your kitchen and are looking for some last-minute touches? Can you not afford a total remodel, but still want to update the look of your kitchen? Decorating your space is an easy and inexpensive way to do both of these things. While decorating comes easy for some, others need a little guidance and inspiration. Here are a few easy ways to decorate your kitchen year-round.



Decorate seasonally. Change up your kitchen’s decor for each season or holiday. Summer calls for a clean, breezy and beachy feel, while spring is perfect for brighter colors and flowers. Fall calls for outdoor accents such as leaves and pumpkins, while winter can easily be portrayed with Christmas decorations or delicate white lights.



Bring in the outdoors. An easy way to decorate your kitchen is to bring in accents from nature. Items such as hanging plants add a fresh breath of air to your space and make your space seem more inviting. Freshly-cut flowers are a timeless centerpiece, and wooden accents give your kitchen an earthy feel. A final way to bring the outdoors inside is to display fresh fruit or vegetables from your garden.



Bring in some color. Assuming that your kitchen walls or cabinets aren”t painted a bright shade, you can bring in a bold color with your decorations. Try painting your kitchen stools or chairs a bright color or cover the cushions with a textured pattern. Another tip is to include a colored painting on an open or bare space on your wall. There are plenty of other options to add some color to your space, including place mats, dish towels and even your appliances.



Add things above your cabinets. Draw visitor’s attention upwards by adding items on the top of your cabinets. Knickknacks, photos, plants, baskets, china and other collectibles are all great options to be placed above your cabinets.



Choose a theme. Find one item, place, or color palette that you are inspired by and turn your kitchen into a dedicated space for that theme. Once you”ve decided on your theme, it’s time to find items that fit into your kitchen. Search for items like hand towels and soap dispensers to match your theme. Add an art print, wallpaper or a handmade ceramic figurine of your theme to your kitchen. There are event fun cabinet knob options for just about any theme you can think of. Popular themes in kitchens include roosters, pineapples, a country theme, a Victorian theme and a general theme of food. Be careful not to go overboard- you want your space to still function and look like a kitchen, not a museum.

All of these ideas are simple, low in cost and lovely. Try incorporating them slowly into your kitchen to see which idea (or ideas) you like the best.

*images are from Houzz