How to Spot Low-Quality Cabinets

There are many different factors to take into consideration when choosing kitchen cabinets. Determining the quality of the cabinets is far more extensive than just looking at the cabinet’s door. Things such as the material, construction, shelves and the finish are all imperative to choosing quality cabinets and not settling for cheap ones.

The material. Plywood is usually the strongest material used to construct cabinets. It’s made of various layers for extra durability. Other options include particle board and MDF, which are commonly-used materials but not as strong. Cabinets that are made of a quality material will last longer and be more durable. Also take into account if the material holds well to heat and moisture, depending on your climate, the season, and the location of your cabinets.

The construction. The structure of the cabinets includes proper drawer construction. The drawer construction shouldn’t be put together with something like glue or staples- that is a sure sign of poor quality. A dovetail joint is the proper way to construct the drawers so that the drawer fits together correctly. Make sure the drawer slides are sturdy as well and not made of a flimsy material. The best slides are usually made of heavy steel and are full extension-slides with an innovative self-closing feature. They should close smoothly and easily and hold a good amount of weight.

Another element to take into consideration is the box construction. Thick panels are more durable, so beware of thin or flimsy panels on the side, end and back. There should always be strong and good-sized reinforcement on the corners, so look out for that as well.

Shelves. The cabinet shelves should be thick and made of quality material. They carry the major part of the load in the cabinets, so it’s important they meet certain standards to prevent sagging or breaking. Choose plywood or solid wood for the best in strength and durability. Check for reinforcements on the bottom of the shelves, since they will add to the durability and quality to the cabinets.

The finish– The finish of the cabinet doors and fronts are also very important to look at. The finish on the cabinets needs online casinos australia not only to be attractive, but also to protect the cabinets themselves. Things such as scratches, worn areas and abrasions are all signs of a cheap and poorly-executed finish. Wear, discoloration and deterioration shouldn’t be noticeable on quality cabinets as well. Cabinets with a quality finish should go through a process of sanding, sealing, staining and top coats to produce the desired appearance. Lastly, watch out for any stains or dirt particles that are left over from a poor finishing job. If your cabinets are located in a sunny location, make sure the finish is UV protected so the color and finish won’t fade over time.

Certification– Look for KCMA certification, which is attributed to cabinets that meet a certain area of criteria. Although this is not required and is an elective certification, it does suggest that the cabinets are of high quality. Consider it an added bonus if the cabinets you are looking at are KCMA certified.