Hidden Door Storage: More Ways to Conceal

In the DIY and home construction world, you can almost guarantee that anything you dream up will become a reality. This is especially true when it comes to specialty and hidden storage. False drawer bottoms, removable panels in the floor boards, or secret spots. Creating a storage space in your home that is hidden in plain sight can offer security and peace of mind.

From small hidden pieces to whole secret rooms, people have been creating unique designs for homes for a very long time. There are even entire homes, like this brownstone below, created as a fake front for managing subway train lines!

When CS Hardware went to the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, they brought one of their most popular products, the InvisiDoor hidden bookcase door. This caught the attention of the attendees; all professionals in the home building industry. CS Hardware is one of the only companies around that manufactures (and customizes) hidden bookcase doors in addition to providing the hardware for installation.

As Gary Striegler from Fine Homebuilding noted in this video from IBS, contractors used to have to construct their own hidden doors in creative ways. It’s not always an easy task. Now, with the pivot hinges and a door that can be ordered, installing a hidden door on your own isn’t such a tall order. Now homeowners can seriously consider a hidden door as an option for adding a unique element to their home or for creating a safe space for emergencies.

The other product CS Hardware brought to the show is brand new, called the InvisiFrame. The hidden bookcase door is great, but many customers don’t have the right space to install one. Now they can still create a smaller hidden space for valuables and other items.

The InvisiFrame comes fully assembled in a selection of unfinished wood types, including the recessed cabinet. Customers cut into their drywall to create the space for the frame and then install with instructions included. Custom sizes can also be requested, which means you can fit something of an unusual height or width. Select either a mirror or frame to be the cover, which slide open and close on simple slides.

The shelves of the cabinet behind the frame are moveable to fit the specific items you need to conceal. CS Hardware tries to make instructions and assembly simple for all their products to aid both contractors and home improvement enthusiasts alike. This can be especially important for those installing hidden doors and frames – the whole point of installing something secret is to be the only one who knows where the precious items are stored!

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