Hidden Bookcase Door: Create & Live In Your Own Mystery Story

Ever wanted a secret passage in your home? Check out these Hidden Bookcase Doors.

Some of us love the very thought of hiding places and hidden spaces. Here’s a chance for the mystery lover we all know to bring that bit of fantasy into their home. Where would your secret door take you—to your own personal writing room? The survivalists among us could develop a “safe room” or “panic room.” Perhaps you have a secret treasure, or the details of an ominous inheritance or family secret. Got a skeleton that needs a closet?

The InvisiDoor hidden Bi-fold Bookcase Door can not only house your favorite mystery books, but can become part of the mystery itself – talk about setting the tone or having a theme for your room!

Even if you don’t have a doorway or passageway to incorporate into your design, you can still bring some mystery to your home with a hidden storage space. Also from the InvisiDoor family, the InvisiFrame offers the same discreet qualities in the form of a picture or mirror frame. You can by both in standard sizes, or we can customize them upon request.

What would you hide in the secret storage space behind a frame? Some may choose to secure valuables out of sight, or conceal a weapon in case of emergency—or perhaps you could store your favorite scary movies or mystery novels. If you love mystery and have a penchant for riddles and puzzles, this could be a great piece for building out your secretive spaces.

The Bi-Fold Bookcase Door does not need to fit into a door frame as it stands fully in front of a wall;  it could cover any sort of passage or point of entry—perhaps a bonus in terms of mystery-value—or make a great way to conceal a cubby hole containing a safe. Our Pivot Bookcase Door can be installed to swing either inward or outward, operating within a frame while mounted to the floor below and top rail above. These doors could be installed over an existing opening, or they could be used from the start with new construction.

Want to fully customize a hidden bookcase door for your creative project? Our innovative pivot hinge-kit can provide smooth rotation for a custom bookcase for the perfect secret passage in your home. Or purchase a stock-sized, pre-assembled hidden door set for easy installation.

For more on the functionality of the InvisiDoor hidden door, check out the Fine Homebuilding team’s visit to our booth at the International Builders’ Show: senior editor Justin Fink and longtime contributor Gary Striegler spoke about these great door options.


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