Organizing Cabinets & Shelves: Closet Space

Part Two in this Series, this week we look at how to make the most of an oft-crowded space: your closet. Whether you have a sprawling boudoir or a compact NYC apartment with “less than adequate” space, here are some tips for you.

Being organized has its advantages, all throughout your home. How many of us have a not-quite-so-functional closet, either too small or too cluttered? Here are some great ideas on how to use a little bit of creativity and some cleverness to make the most out of your closet storage space.

Closet Storage:  Valet Rods (sliding & pull out)

Ever need an extra hand? Valet rods to the rescue. Standard or collapsible rods can be installed in a variety of places. Now you can keep that freshly ironed shirt ready for an upcoming event, or remind yourself what needs to go to the dry cleaners.

Pullout Basket Closet Storage

There’s nothing quite like being able hide a bit of clutter in a drawer. But doing that with a basket is not always easy – until now. Pull-out and tilt-out baskets are perfect for holding laundry or other items while providing a sense of streamlined organization. Door mounting the basket rest to a bottom hinged cabinet allows for easy “slide-in/slide-out” basket removal and replacement.

Pullout Ironing Board

They make pull-out everything these days, don’t they? Yes, now you can even store your ironing board conveniently in a drawer in your closet. No more storing and setting up an oversized, clunky board. Easy to fit between closet panels or in your standard front opening drawer, this pull out ironing board comes with gravity locking and a specially engineered ball bearing slide system to give you compact and sturdy ironing experience.

Pull Down Closet Rod

Maximizing space means using height, but sometimes we need a tool to help us out. Enter the pull down closet rod – you see these out and about in your favorite clothing stores – and now you can have one customized for your own personal closet. Telescoping pull-rods make it easy to pull and replace an adjustable storage rod. Functionality and ease of use make good bedfellows, or perhaps, closetfellows.

Pull-out Closet Mirror

Now you can even store your mirror when needed. With an optional handle for transitioning the mirror between storage and display, a pull out closet mirror has soft-sliding open and close as well as an adjustable sixty degree pivot – perfect for whatever angles you need for lighting and compact space usage.

What’s more, if you have a pull out mirror to add to the rest of your pull out items, you can have everything you need all in one space – and that’s the essence of streamlined efficiency.


How’s that for some ways to enhance your closet storage space? A bit of preparation goes a long way, and those products just might make the difference for your closet to be all it can be.

For more cabinet storage ideas, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, browse CS Hardware to find a selection of parts, units, and customizable ready-to-assemble and assembled options. Be sure to stay tuned for Part Three of our Organization Series – on organizing your hallway / front door/ atrium closet space.