2014 Favorites: Blum Aventos Cabinet Door Lift Systems & Components

One of the favorites of 2014 has been Blum’s Aventos lift systems and related components. This is a premium functional hardware option for your upper cabinets, perfect above kitchen sinks and other counter space.

These cabinet doors easily lift, clearing the way effortless access to cabinet storage space. Even with taller kitchen cabinetry, easy access to the cabinet handles. BLUMOTION quiet closing ensures a smooth transition between open and closed states.

All of this, combined with the great style options and simple installation, make Blum Aventos lift systems and components one of our top items this year. What’s more, they work great with custom cabinetry design and other RTA Cabinet upgrades.

To learn more about Blum Aventos Lift systems, here is a great introduction.
For Blum Aventos parts: whole Lift Systems and individual Parts & Components

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Happy Holidays and have a great 2015!