The Hidden Door Safe Room: Using Bookcase Doors To Create A Panic Room In Your Home

Safe rooms are a popular topic of discussion in terms of creating an environment in your home where you feel comfortable, no matter what happens. Seen as a place to store valuables – either in terms of items and objects or especially valuable people, a hidden door safe room can offer one option in a plan for emergencies, unexpected dangerous situations, or other problematic encounters.

hidden door safe room

Even if you fancy yourself as well defended citizen, having a designated and properly designed safe room can offer peace of mind – and sound strategy – especially in terms of protecting vulnerable family members, such as the very young, the very old, or the ill. Bookcase doors can help with this by creating an inconspicuous entry point for your hideout.


Another great reason for the camouflaged element of hidden door safe rooms is for dealing with the in-home break-ins that occur when you are away. For someone trying to rob or loot your home, a bookcase door offers another layer of defense, one that a casual observer or passser-by would be less inclined to investigate. So even a storage-based safe room could be a good place to store a safe, weapons, or other things better kept out of plain sight.

bi fold book case safe room hidden door

At CSH, we offer a great selection of products to help you build out your hidden door safe room – from Pivot Bookcase Doors to Bifold Bookcase Doors, along with other great hardware and remodeling components. Be sure to check out these great home hardware helpers, and share any stories with us here in the comments or on our social sites! Stay safe!

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