Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Spring is coming and that can mean only one thing: Spring cleaning! The place to start is with your kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is the hub of any home but it can also be the messiest. It is where we cook, bake, and eat. This is where we congregate as families and where we talk with friends over coffee. It seems like the perfect place to start, and clean kitchen cabinets are a breath of fresh air!

Kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets especially, tend to get a little greasy from all of the cooking and activity. To give your white cabinets that crisp gleam, try using oil. Mineral oil or even just vegetable oil takes the grease off of your cabinet surfaces but will also give them a beautiful sheen. But it’s not just the outside that matters.

Organization is the perfect way to keep away the clutter and mess. Among our products you will find any organization tool you might need. Whether your pots and pans are a clanking mess or your plasticware is a cluttered avalanche every time you open the cabinet door, we can help. You can make next year’s spring cleaning easier by staying organized all year long. After a long, hard winter treat your home to a refresh with these helpful organization products and many more found at Custom Service Hardware.

Use our corner lazy Susan cabinet to keep things like plasticware containers in their place. Put lids on one shelf and stack the bins on another.

RTA Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet

Keep your spices or smaller kitchenware within easy reach with our pull out base cabinet organizer.

Pull Out Base Organizer

Nothing is as frustrating as the clashing of pots and pans when you can’t find the one you need. Keep your cookware and lids organized in your kitchen cabinets with our two-tier cookware organizer.

Two-Tier Cookware Organizer