Behind the Scenes at BigHorn Forge: Our Hand-Forged Rolling Door Hardware

bighorn forge blacksmith pounding

As far as we know, we’re the only manufacturer around that includes hand-forged handles and roller straps in rolling barn door kits. Because wanted to showcase that aspect of our unique hardware, we took a short trip down to Bighorn Forge in rural Kewaskum, Wisconsin to capture the process our barn door hardware goes through, “From the Forge to your Home.”

Capturing Bighorn Forge

The Bighorn Forge was dimly lit, and had a naturally dramatic feel when we walked in. My colleague, David, instantly knew he could get some great shots for the video. He focused in on the glowing metal as Dan Nauman pounded it into a spade shape, the forge behind him glowing with 3000-degree heat. The metal sizzled as it was placed into the water and then rang when it was struck again with the blacksmith’s hammer, this time to give it that signature hand-forged texture.strap-closeup

At CSHardware

After the straps and handles leave the forge, they are given a tough powder coating (including black, oil-rubbed bronze, or new age rust colors) and are later carefully constructed, assembled, and packaged with the rest of the hardware (never at an assembly line). They are then stored on site so we always have them in stock when you need them—with no lead times. finshed hand-forged straps

If you enjoyed seeing Dan Nauman’s work, check out the Bighorn Forge website or his weblog to see more of his amazing blacksmithing projects!

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