How to Secure Valuables Inside Your Home

Where do you keep your valuables? If they’re stashed in your dresser drawer, bedroom closet, or maybe even your freezer, they’re exactly where a thief will search first. Other places they’re sure to check are under your mattress, in medicine cabinets, inside toilet tanks, and in bookshelves (including false books). If you’re going to thwart a potential burglar, you’re going to have to do better.

Hopefully, you’ve already taken smart precautions to protect your home against break-ins, but what if it happens anyway? Even though you can dramatically reduce the chances of a burglar breaking into your home with just a few simple steps, there’s always a chance that a thief will get inside despite your best efforts. Here are a few effective ways you can keep your valuables concealed or locked up just in case.


Cabinet and Drawer Locks from First Watch Security

While a thief is likely to try to search as many drawers and maybe cabinets as he can before getting out, you can use a drawer or cabinet lock to keep your belongings safe. While not impenetrable, the burglar may not be equipped to break through these tough, high-quality locks, or he may not be willing to spend the time to try. To minimize the risk of getting caught, a burglar typically wants to spend no more than a few minutes (about 8-12, according to the FBI) inside your home—anything you can do to slow him down could save your valuables from being carried away.

cabinet lock


If you’re looking for a more versatile and discreet option for securing items in your home, a StealthLock could be the perfect option for you. It provides all the same advantages of a drawer or cabinet lock, but is completely concealed once installed and is opened via a wireless keypad. In addition to drawers and cabinets, this can also be used for things like closets, lockers, a CSHardware InvisiDoor, or any other applications you can think of—including ones made of wood, phenolic resin, and glass.

stealth lock


A small safe is likely to be stolen since a burglar can assume it contains valuables and can always break into it later if it’s small enough to carry. A larger safe will greatly reduce the chances that a thief will be able to break into or remove it, but those are unsightly and difficult to conceal. One solution to this is to conceal your valuables or your safe behind a CSH InvisiDoor. You can conceal a space of any size, it’s the last thing a burglar would expect to look for, and it’s a great way to hide the potential eyesore of a large safe in your home. For an extra layer of security, you can even Secure your InvisiDoor with a StealthLock.


There are tons of creative ways to secure valuables in your home. What are your ideas? While you’re at it, don’t forget to take these simple precautions to deter burglaries from happening in the first place.

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