5 Reasons To Install a Pocket Door in Your Home

Regular hinged doors are work fine most of the time, but they do have one big downside: wasted space. Because you need room to open the door, you have to leave around 30″ of space on average it to be able to open fully—space that you may need if the room is small and has a cramped layout. Here are some common situations where using a pocket door could be the perfect alternative!

Free up Space for a Home Office in a Small Room

Home offices are often an afterthought, tucked into some small, cramped corner of your home in a room that might not be quite big enough. You may not be able to change the room your office is in, but you can make the room you have a bit larger and freer with a pocket door! We even offer soft close to minimize any noise from your family while you’re on a zoom call with your boss or coworkers.

Free Up Space in a Small Bathroom

Cramped bathroom layouts are no fun! Give yourself some elbowroom and freedom to design your bathroom the way you want by opting for a convenient and efficient pocket door.

Improve the Layout of Your Laundry/Utility Room

Are you currently limited in how you can arrange your laundry room due to the space needed to open the door? Create more space to work with using a pocket door

Get Rid of Hinged Closet Doors in Your Bedroom

Many types of closet doors can take up floor space and obstruct walkways in bedrooms while they’re open. A pocket door can remain open as long as you want without getting in the way!

Increase Accessibility

Hinge door wheelchair access
Pocket door wheelchair access

Common hinged doors present an awkward experience for wheelchair users, especially on the outward-swinging side. A pocket door offers a much simpler and better experience for many users with accessibility needs.

If you think a pocket door would be a good fit for your home or your next project, check out our easy-to-use pocket door kits at cshardware.com!

Images from https://www.rocketdoorframes.com/