Hidden Bookcase Door: Create & Live In Your Own Mystery Story

Ever wanted a secret passage in your home? Check out these Hidden Bookcase Doors.

Some of us love the very thought of hiding places and hidden spaces. Here’s a chance for the mystery lover we all know to bring that bit of fantasy into their home. Where would your secret door take you—to your own personal writing room? The survivalists among us could develop a “safe room” or “panic room.” Perhaps you have a secret treasure, or the details of an ominous inheritance or family secret. Got a skeleton that needs a closet?

The InvisiDoor hidden Bi-fold Bookcase Door can not only house your favorite mystery books, but can become part of the mystery itself – talk about setting the tone or having a theme for your room!

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How to Secure Your Windows and Doors in the Summer

Home security is especially important in the warmer, summer months. Statistically there is an increase in crime that correlates with rising temperatures. According to Vox.com, “Burglary is 11% more common in the summer than in the winter — that’s more seasonal variation than for any other single type of crime.” This information isn’t meant to scare, however. Consider it an incentive to protect your home year-round.

If you live in a generally warmer climate like southern California, or just prefer an extra chill, your windows may be open at any point in the year. Same goes to leaving your sliding patio door cracked for a breeze or continued airflow in stifling weather. We all make these choices – so why not make the added choice of including some extra security?

Window and Door Security

Window Locks

The security brand First Watch has a large selection of latches, strike plates, and other home lock and security products. We carry many First Watch home security products, including a window slide stop that can be used on sliding windows and doors. With two steel thumbscrews and an aluminum finish, this small piece of hardware locks your window in a closed or vented position. Leaving windows cracked at night with a Slide Stop prevents an intruder from opening the window further and taking advantage of a weak spot to get into your home. Continue reading “How to Secure Your Windows and Doors in the Summer”

Hidden Door Storage: More Ways to Conceal

In the DIY and home construction world, you can almost guarantee that anything you dream up will become a reality. This is especially true when it comes to specialty and hidden storage. False drawer bottoms, removable panels in the floor boards, or secret spots. Creating a storage space in your home that is hidden in plain sight can offer security and peace of mind.

From small hidden pieces to whole secret rooms, people have been creating unique designs for homes for a very long time. There are even entire homes, like this brownstone below, created as a fake front for managing subway train lines!

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Rolling Barn Door on Display at IBS 2014

Rolling barn doors have increased in popularity over the years, with an increased focus coming from design blogs around the world. These rolling doors can provide a new look and style, and often can be used to hide an otherwise unsightly section of the home.

Homeowners with a “laundry wall” (versus a laundry room) love the rolling barn door because it seamlessly hides the machines when not in use. The same goes for large pantry closets, children’s closets, or an extra storage area. Using a rolling barn door for these kinds of closets and rooms doesn’t take up much space and lets you put a more creative spin on your home.

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CSH at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas

What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas with last week’s International Builders’ Show as thousands of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers gathered to showcase, learn and explore what’s new in the residential construction industry. From Feburary 4 -6, CSH had a booth at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show on the exhibition floor, which covered nearly 440,000 square feet of space in the convention center.

CS Hardware has gone to IBS for eight years now, and they always brings some of their best products to showcase on the floor. They set up shop at booth C4516 for the three-day event with their ready-to-assemble cabinets, rolling door, bi-fold InvisiDoor hidden bookcase door, and rolling library ladder on display. The CSH team agrees that IBS is by far the best show and they love returning year after year. The popular products they show let attendees see the wood finishes and functionality at work first-hand. See below for a video of the bi-fold InvisiDoor at this show.

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Spotlight On: The InvisiDoor

The name InvisiDoor might not immediately ring a bell, and when you see one out in the world, you only know half of what you’re truly seeing. InvisiDoors, or hidden bookcase doors, are designed specifically to fit seamlessly into a home, as if it were an invisible door. When customers install a hidden door into their home, they’re hoping to conceal an extra room for a variety of purposes. We’ll take a look at this unique product and the value it can bring to the home.

Why Hidden Door

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Gaining Popularity: The Hidden Door

Recently we came across this post by Matt Risinger about his remodel project on a 1930s home. The house came with several hidden doors, and in the video below we get a tour through the updated house. If you’ve been a fan of CSH for a while, you know our InvisiDoor hidden bookcase doors and bi-fold doors are very popular! It’s hard not to love the idea of having a concealed room in your home for novelty or storage. Watch the video below to become privy to some well-concealed closets and bathrooms.

New Ready to Assemble Door at CSH

CS Hardware introduced the new ready to assemble door for rolling door hardware at the Remodeling Show in Chicago last week. This annual trade show also serves as an educational conference and networking opportunity for professional remodelers. CSH has been participating for years, and they always highlight their customer’s favorite products as well as introduce new ones. At this fall’s show CSH unveiled their all new, made in Wisconsin, RTA door specifically designed to complement the rolling door hardware.

The CSH InvisiDoor has long been a prominent factor in the legacy of Custom Service Hardware. The new InvisiDoor Bi-Fold bookcase designed by CS Hardware and made in the USA was introduced earlier this year and the door was also on display at the trade show. Professional remodelers attending the show were able to see firsthand how smoothly the door moves and to learn more about the construction. Here you can watch a video clip that demonstrates the ease of use and stability of the InvisiDoor Bi-Fold bookcase.

New Ready to Assemble Door

A new development at CSH is the ready to assemble door. It seemed like the next logical step after the great success of the rolling barn door hardware. Customers have often expressed interest in professional design guidance/assistance when choosing the perfect barn door and hardware for their home. Choosing the right straps and finish already takes time, and finding the right door to match can become a long struggle. This ready to assemble door comes in unfinished pine, which allows for customers to stain (or not!) the door with any finish they desire. This offers great flexibility for customers to match the door to room or design and hardware.

Currently the door available is a traditional size of 36 inches by 80 inches. It’s ready to assemble and fit your rolling door hardware straight out of the box, so customers can instead spend time on choosing the right finish or paint to customize their door. The door comes unassembled and unfinished with pre-drilled wood for easy assembly. The necessary screws are also included, which makes this a great door to order and put together in no time.

Interested customers can pre-order their ready to assemble door now with shipping beginning in early November. CSH is offering a special discount with the code DOOR for a price of $359. Customers can use this code through November 30, 2013 to order a door and set up their new rolling barn door in no time!