Rolling Barn Door on Display at IBS 2014

Rolling barn doors have increased in popularity over the years, with an increased focus coming from design blogs around the world. These rolling doors can provide a new look and style, and often can be used to hide an otherwise unsightly section of the home.

Homeowners with a “laundry wall” (versus a laundry room) love the rolling barn door because it seamlessly hides the machines when not in use. The same goes for large pantry closets, children’s closets, or an extra storage area. Using a rolling barn door for these kinds of closets and rooms doesn’t take up much space and lets you put a more creative spin on your home.

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Spotlight On: The InvisiDoor

The name InvisiDoor might not immediately ring a bell, and when you see one out in the world, you only know half of what you’re truly seeing. InvisiDoors, or hidden bookcase doors, are designed specifically to fit seamlessly into a home, as if it were an invisible door. When customers install a hidden door into their home, they’re hoping to conceal an extra room for a variety of purposes. We’ll take a look at this unique product and the value it can bring to the home.

Why Hidden Door

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New Ready to Assemble Door at CSH

CS Hardware introduced the new ready to assemble door for rolling door hardware at the Remodeling Show in Chicago last week. This annual trade show also serves as an educational conference and networking opportunity for professional remodelers. CSH has been participating for years, and they always highlight their customer’s favorite products as well as introduce new ones. At this fall’s show CSH unveiled their all new, made in Wisconsin, RTA door specifically designed to complement the rolling door hardware.

The CSH InvisiDoor has long been a prominent factor in the legacy of Custom Service Hardware. The new InvisiDoor Bi-Fold bookcase designed by CS Hardware and made in the USA was introduced earlier this year and the door was also on display at the trade show. Professional remodelers attending the show were able to see firsthand how smoothly the door moves and to learn more about the construction. Here you can watch a video clip that demonstrates the ease of use and stability of the InvisiDoor Bi-Fold bookcase.

New Ready to Assemble Door

A new development at CSH is the ready to assemble door. It seemed like the next logical step after the great success of the rolling barn door hardware. Customers have often expressed interest in professional design guidance/assistance when choosing the perfect barn door and hardware for their home. Choosing the right straps and finish already takes time, and finding the right door to match can become a long struggle. This ready to assemble door comes in unfinished pine, which allows for customers to stain (or not!) the door with any finish they desire. This offers great flexibility for customers to match the door to room or design and hardware.

Currently the door available is a traditional size of 36 inches by 80 inches. It’s ready to assemble and fit your rolling door hardware straight out of the box, so customers can instead spend time on choosing the right finish or paint to customize their door. The door comes unassembled and unfinished with pre-drilled wood for easy assembly. The necessary screws are also included, which makes this a great door to order and put together in no time.

Interested customers can pre-order their ready to assemble door now with shipping beginning in early November. CSH is offering a special discount with the code DOOR for a price of $359. Customers can use this code through November 30, 2013 to order a door and set up their new rolling barn door in no time!

Different Hinges for Different Needs

Cabinet door hinges are a key piece of hardware that carry the power of function and aesthetics at the same time. Homeowners absolutely need hinges to swing their home doors, cabinet doors, and other pieces of furniture, but they don’t strictly offer functional utility. Thousands upon thousands of hinges exist in different finishes and styles which makes choosing a hinge a very personal experience. While someone can make a quick and easy selection of basic plain hinges, customers have the option of choosing something more specific to the entire look and flow of their home. Consider the many ways you can incorporate hinges – from different styles, to different pieces of hardware in the home.

Decorative hinges

Cabinets are everywhere in most homes. People use them to store toiletries in the bathroom, food in the kitchen, and other various storage points. And it doesn’t just stop at the home – cabinets are used in office kitchens, work rooms and more. Cabinet door hinges can add a great deal of character to a room. Instead of having them be hidden or plain, decorative hinges allow for some fun. Whether you just want a soft, antique design, or you want your bright copper finish to stand out, you can find the right decorative hinge at a variety of price ranges.

Concealed hinges

Traditional concealed hinges are relatively easy to install and they keep the aesthetics of your cabinets intact without any sign of the mechanism inside. Some concealed hinges require additional work, drilling a recess for the hinge position in the door. However others are incredibly cheap and simple to install, and they are completely invisible when Now it seems that certain from the world’s most populated nations and residential to more deep-pocketed bettors is placed to (finally!) get immediate access to Macau, giving city’s best casinos online much more reason to welcome people from other countries with open arms. the door is closed. If you want to go a fancier route, choose Soss hinges, which offers solid installation for inset doors, but they’re equally as invisible when the cabinet doors are shut. Some Soss hinges also offer the benefit of spring closing, removing the fear of slamming your door too often.

Self closing hinges

Instead of focusing on aesthetics (or the lack thereof), making the cabinet doors easy to open and close may be your priority. Youngdale produces self-closing hinges that fit both overlay and lip inset cabinet styles. This type of hinge is easier to install compared to other European style hinges. While not completely hidden from view, Youngdale hinges are mostly concealed once installed when the cabinet door is shut.

AVENTOS lift hinges

Choose a truly modern hinge system for your cabinets with the AVENTOS lift hinges. Instead of opening doors side by side, this system lets you access your upper cabinets with ease by lifting one panel above the cabinets. This lift system creates a more modern feel to any home, given the single panel lift. Customers can typically choose between wood and aluminum, so you can still craft your cabinets in the style you prefer.

Barn Door Hardware – Indoor vs. Outdoor Uses

Barn door hardware is gaining steam in the home design market as a great way to add a new look to your home. Often you'll see it pictured as an aesthetic new way to add a door or division inside your home. However, other people are installing heavy duty rolling doors that can work outside as well as inside. With a large selection of finishes and roller strap designs, you can create a rustic, medieval, classic, or other theme look to your space. Conceal a closet, customize the look of your room, or open up your space with a rolling barn door. Here we explore the ways you can use them inside your home or outdoors.


There are a variety places you can install rolling barn door hardware in your home. Create a seamless divide between your living room and dining room with a rolling door. This way you can leave the door open or closed depending on your mood, leaving the option for an open flow without a swung open door in the way. Rolling doors are also commonly chosen for bathroom doors. This saves space if you have a small bathroom. It can also make other rooms in your home feel more open or stylized. Conceal your laundry room with a rolling door, or use it to conceal a closet where your washer and dryer are stacked.


Heavy duty barn doors are meant to withstand elements or heavy use. Perhaps you have an actual barn, and you want to replace the current door with a more stylish yet functional model. In choosing a barn door hardware you can select unique and colorful roller straps to install along with your heavy duty rolling door. On the other hand, installing a rolling door to replace a traditional door will add character to your property. A new door for your pool room or guest house allows for easy access to high traffic areas. If you have larger property that boasts a boathouse or beach house, adding a rolling barn door provides unique styling and an opportunity for freshening up the look of an outdated structure.

Unique Rolling Door Hardware

If you're looking for a stylish addition to your home, installing a rolling door is a popular option. Rolling doors not only are an attractive addition to your home, but they also save space. Since these rolling barn doors have no door swing, this saves you a few feet of space that typical doors use when opening and closing.

In addition to saving space and adding a new look to your home, these doors are useful in hiding certain rooms. For example, a laundry nook, personal office or kid's playroom can benefit from being hidden by a rolling door. Larger rooms can be separated in half with a rolling barn door, creating two separate functional spaces. These doors are also a great option for a pantry or closet, since they attractively conceal your storage in small spaces.

These interior barn-style doors can be customized in a variety of ways to match your home's style and decor. Between the variety of rolling door hardware (including roller straps), type of finishes and your door thickness, you can easily customize  the look of your door.

One of the easiest ways to customize your rolling door is with the roller strap. There are a wide variety of styles available ranging from a basic rectangle shape to a fancy Fleur-de-Lis style. If you're looking for a unique roller strap, here are a few fun options.

 horse roller strap

Since it is sometimes referred to as a “barn door” this double-horse roller strap is a perfect hardware option. Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with this handsome horse detail.

wolf roller strap

This Kaminski wolf roller strap would make a great addition in a home of those who love the outdoors. Log cabins, hunting lodges and more are great spaces to install this rolling door hardware.

gingerbread man rolling strap

This gingerbread man roller strap is another fun type of hardware for your rolling door. Install it in the family room you spend the holidays in- guests will love the fun, seasonal touch. This particular roller strap style is very versatile, so it can be used year-round as a fun, decorative accent.

ice cream cone roller strap

What better way to personalize a kid's bedroom or playroom than with this ice cream cone roller strap? This fun hardware is sure to receive compliments from any guest who enters your home.

Update Your Home With Wood Carvings

Whether your style is simple or eccentric, an easy way to update the look of your home is with wood carvings. Wood carvings can be used to accent your existing furniture or update the look of your room entirely. They are an affordable and easy way to give your home a finishing touch without a complete remodel. Whether you're using these wood carvings for aesthetic purposes or for their function, they will instantly update the look of your home. Here are a variety of different types of wood carvings and what they are commonly used for.

wood star applique

Appliques and medallions This type of wood carving is typically used for decorative purposes, especially on plain furniture, cabinets, mantles and more. They are intricately carved with lots of detail, making them an instant conversation piece in your home. They can be glued or nailed to furniture as you please for an architectural detail. Popular examples of wood appliques are rosettes, grape onlays, circular medallions and traditional scroll designs.

wooden feet

Feet– Wooden feet are used to update the look of the bottom of your table, chairs or sofas. They are available in a variety of wood types and details to match with your existing furniture. This area is often overlooked by many homeowners, but appreciated by those with fine taste. Wooden feet can also help to make your furniture more stable.

wood pilaster

Columns and pilasters– Wooden columns or pilasters can be placed on ornamental trim or other flat surfaces to your liking. These wooden columns are a great way to bring the rich history of architecture into your own home. You can use larger pilasters or columns to separate rooms and walls for a more open feel, as they generally guide the eye upward to make the room appear more spacious.

wood corbel

Corbels and supports– Wooden corbels and supports blend function and beauty together in your home. Shelves and other structures are supported with these wooden carvings, which also can be used solely as a decorative accent.

wooden baseboard

Baseboards, mouldings and rails– These wooden items can be used to cover up uneven edges, cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor and protect your walls from abrasion and furniture. They also add a decorative touch to your room, which is an added bonus.

wood island leg

Island legs and turnings– Wooden island legs and turnings can be used on tables, and are often used in the kitchen. They are available in a variety of heights to match with the measurements of your table or island. These legs help support the table and also add style to your room.

wooden valence

Valances– Place a wooden valance above your window or door to add dimension to the room. Decorative grooves, patterns and arches on valances are an attractive way to spruce up your windows.

wooden opening

Openings– French Rinceau openings are a lovely piece of architecture that instantly warms your home. This elegant wooden structure often features intricate and elegant details such as an ornamental or floral motif.

wood pediment

Pediments– Wooden pediments are a simple way to transform the look of your doors and windows. Although they are pricier than other options, their elegant appearance is well worth it.

What Is a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a type of sliding door that disappears into the adjacent wall when it is fully opened. They are commonly used for architectural purposes or to obtain a certain aesthetic for your home. You can typically see them installed in home offices, bathrooms, closets, pantries and laundry rooms. The tradition of pocket doors goes as far back as Victorian times, when they would close off certain areas from other rooms.

Pocket doors have many other benefits aside from their attractiveness. Using a pocket door versus a regular hinged door will free up a good amount of floor space. Since saving space in homes is a top concern among homeowners, the pocket door has grown in popularity. Pocket doors also therefore free up wall space that a hinged door would hide when open.

Even if your rooms are rather large, pocket doors still offer benefits. They create an elegant and interesting transition between the rooms in your home. They can even section off a private room that you want to appear more secluded.

Pocket doors can be easily customized to your liking. Single and double-door versions are used depending on the amount of space you have in your room. You can also customize the wood type/material and style of door you'd like, so it can look good in your home. The pocket door hardware you choose also can add interest to the doors.

Common pocket door hardware includes items such as hinge kits, door slides, overlay kits, shafts and more. These items are usually found at hardware stores and will replace or repair an old or broken pocket door. According to the DIY Network, the installation of a pocket door is estimated to take about 2 hours and will cost between $100 and $250. It's

a moderate level of difficulty, so you may want to call a professional to help.

Upgrade Your Home’s Door with a Door Knocker


Although the inside of the home is usually what homeowners focus the most on, the door is essentially one of the first thing house guests will see. It”s time to take a look at this often-neglected area of your home. It”s important to make a good first impression with your home”s entryway. One of the easiest ways to do so is to add a door knocker that fits with your home”s style and personality.

Door knockers serve a variety of purposes. The first purpose is to save your knuckles from the repetitive knocking you would perform on the door to alert the people inside that you have arrived. Another purpose of course is that they add charm and a nice aesthetic to your home. There are a wide variety of styles, shapes, finishes and sizes out there, so it”s easy to find one that matches perfectly with your home. Here are some different styles and types of door knockers to look into.

Traditional ring knockers. These simple and elegant door knockers are still one of the most popular styles today. They are an easy way to add elegance and charm to your front door. Choose a finish and style that matches with the rest of your door”s hardware (the doorknob, handle, etc.) This is a great option for traditional style homes or those who are reluctant to installing a door knocker in the first place.

Monogram door knockers. What better way to welcome new and old guests into your home with a little personalization? A door knocker with your family”s monogram not only lets them know they are at the right house, but also is a great conversation piece. Monogram door knockers are an easy way to seperate your house from the rest on the block.

Animal door knockers. You can opt for the ever popular lion door knocker or be creative and try all different types of animal door knockers. If you”re a dog lover, show off your love for your favorite breed with a matching door knocker.

Object door knockers. If your house has a certain theme to it (a beach theme, country theme, etc.), continue it onto the outside of your door. Object door knockers are an easy way to give outsiders a preview of your home”s decor.

Unique door knockers. Some door knockers are so unique, they are a work of art. Try searching for artists who create handmade door knockers. Choosing a piece with a unique shape, color or style will bring excitement and interest to an otherwise bland door.

*images are from Houzz