Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

Fall is the perfect time to start planning and preparing your home for the upcoming winter season. With winter comes significantly cooler temperatures and poor weather conditions (snow, ice and freezing rain). This affects your water systems, heating systems and your home’s energy efficiency. Preparing a few months ahead of time is the best way to plan for a disaster before it happens and keep your home and family safe. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home for the winter season.

Update your water systems. Winterizing your water systems is an important task that most homes require in some form. These water systems that should be dealt with include faucets, sprinkler systems and pools. A home in a mild climate may not need their faucets to be dealt with, however colder regions may need some attention. In this case, shut off the water system and then pull off any attachments. Open up drain valve and leave the faucet in the open position for the winter season. For your sprinkler system, turn off the automatic timers first. Then open the pressure valves and drain out water from any section that might freeze. Lastly, if you have a pool you will need to do a few things. This includes removing any loose parts, lowering the water level and draining the pumping system.

Check windows and doors for drafts. In order to keep your heating bill from going off the charts, it’s important to check your windows and doors for drafts. Make sure that the edges of windows and doors are properly sealed and that the caulking has no cracks, gaps or holes. If they do, seal them with new caulking.

Inspect and clean your fireplace. In the warmer months, fireplaces are rarely used. Once winter rolls around and the temperatures begin to cool down, it becomes a frequently-used item in the home. During the fall, you should inspect and clean out your fireplace to make sure there is no build-up of debris. This debris, creosote, builds up and could start a chimney fire when you least expect it. Wood and gas fireplaces should also be swept once a year before winter and inspected as a precaution. This is also a great time to check for any cracks in the brick or mantle and have those repaired as well. Lastly, clean up any smoke marks or discoloration for a nice and clean appearance.

Inspect your furnace. Having a professional come in to service your furnace before winter is a very smart idea. They will clean various parts, check for carbon monoxide leaks and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Every few months you should change the air filters to keep the furnace clean year-round.

Library Ladders

rolling library ladder

A simple way to add functionality and style to any room in your home is with a rolling ladder. The purpose of a rolling ladder is to access those hard-to-reach places with ease. An added bonus is that the ladders provide a classy look to your home and can become the main attraction of your room.

There are so many uses for rolling ladders, so there’s no need to doubt that they will work in your home. One of the most popular uses is for a library ladder. Not only will this help you reach books on the highest shelves, but it also offers an expensive and elegant look. Even though a library is usually the first place that pops in your mind, there are other common uses for these rolling ladders. These include using one in your wine cellar to reach your finest vino, in a bathroom to reach guest’s towels and toiletries, in a closet to access stored clothing or even in a kitchen or pantry to reach for canned goods or pots and pans.

They allow you to reach all those items that you have stored higher up in order to optimize your storage space- something that is crucial to most homeowners.

One of the many features of these rolling library ladders is their ability to be customized. When selecting a ladder, you get to choose from your favorite type of wood, shade of finish, type of upper guides and style of ladder wheels. These options allow you to find the ladder that matches perfectly with your home’s style and décor. Popular finishes for the hardware include antique brass, bronze and satin nickel, while popular wood choices include oak, maple and cherry.

It’s important to make sure your ladder is properly installed for the safety of you and your family. It’s best to have a professional install the ladder to prevent any accidents from happening. Make sure everything is properly measured and that the space of the room is taken into account when ordering your ladder. After all of this, just customize the aesthetic to your liking and you have a new addition to your home.

The Finishing Touch for a Library

If the kitchen is traditionally the woman’s focal point of a perfect house, the library is the man’s. And it is not just lawyers who have a wall full of bookshelves from floor to ceiling.

Both a design element and a functional necessity, the rolling ladder can be simple wood in simple styles or it can be an antique brass or bronze highlighted masterpiece. Either way, it makes it easy, and safe, to access top shelves when a foot stool is either too short or too unsteady. The rolling library ladder can also add functionality to large closets, wine cellar, kitchens and pantries, or even to access lofts; anywhere you want to reach those out-of-the-way places. And remember that a man’s library can also have that hidden flat screen TV; it can still be a “man cave” only with a touch more class than the norm.

Remember, though, that a ladder is only as good as its base and its hardware; buy the proper mounting hardware and install it properly, or have it professionally done. And, along that same line of thought, remember that a ladder is never ornamental, or “just for show” … even if you know it is not really meant for climbing, will all the guests who visit your library?

When you think of that perfect finishing touch for the library or access to any high location, the rolling ladder is the perfect accessory. And remember that Custom Service Hardware is here to help!

Thanks, as always.

Ken, for CSHardware

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