Pros & Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinetsWhite cabinets have been used in kitchens throughout the years and are still a popular choice for interior remodeling today. When choosing your white cabinetry, there are many different options to choose from. You can install white thermofoil cabinets, reface your old cabinets or paint your existing wooden kitchen cabinets white. To figure out if these timeless kitchen cabinets are what you want for your remodel, it's best to look at both the pros and cons.

white cabinets


-White cabinets brighten up a room, which provides a more welcoming feel and even a larger look to your kitchen.

– If you choose a more modern laminate veneer for your white cabinets, they will resist dirt and cracks and clean easier than painted white cabinets.

– White goes with almost any color, style and hardware design. The extremely versatile color can make a kitchen appear more modern or traditional depending on what finishes and colors you pair it with. You have many more options of tiles, appliances and décor items with white cabinets than a specific color.

-If you plan on making changes to your kitchen's décor or appliances in the future, the white cabinets will still match with your ever-changing room.

white kitchen


-Like almost any product in this color scheme, white cabinets may easily show dirt, smudges, scratches or food particles from cooking.

-They show signs of aging, such as cracks or discoloration, far more easily than cabinets in other colors.

-A glossy white finish on cabinets can reflect light and possibly cause glares.

-White cabinets can make a kitchen seem plain and bland if there isn't much excitement in the décor or other parts of the room. Many people associate a room that is too white with being sterile and cold- which is not what you want others to think when they walk into your kitchen.

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Utilizing the space of your cabinets is an easy and effective way to organize your kitchen. By simply adding a few accessories into your kitchen cabinets, you can maximize your storage space and keep all your items at an arm’s reach. Here is a list of a few of the products that can be used to help organize your kitchen.

tray dividers

Drawer Inserts & Dividers. Whether it”s a utensil drawer, a spice drawer or even the classic junk drawer, finding the item you”re looking for can sometimes be a difficult task. Drawer inserts help to separate the items into different sections based on similarity and size. Vertical dividers can be inserted into cabinet storage for separating plates, baking sheets and cutting boards to reduce clutter. A utensil tray organizes your cutlery and other items effectively, allowing you to find the specific item you need. Choose a tiered tray for perfect organization of small items, such as spices.

Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans are a functional and practical way to keep smaller items, such as spices or canned foods, organized. They are great for storage-especially in tricky corner spaces of a cabinet, and rotate with a smooth and quiet swivel.

mixer lift

Appliance Lifts. Appliance lifts (such as the popular mixer lift) save space by being stored away when not in use. Made with flexibility in mind, these lifts attach to any custom-made shelf. They rise effortlessly and securely lock into place when in use. These are a great alternative for products you may not use every day, since you need the space for items you use more frequently.

shelves in kitchen

Shelves. Shelving units help to divide the clutter into smaller segments, which ends up creating extra space for even more items. Try including shelving underneath the sink- metal shelves can be fitted around the plumbing to hold cleaning products and supplies.