Shoe Storage Ideas

In every home, storage is a large concern. This concern becomes even larger in terms of bedrooms and closets, where the items typically outweigh the amount of space designed to store them. In addition to clothes, shoes take up a large area of space in homes. In order to make the most of the space you have, you must learn how to organize and store your shoes in the most effective way.

First, you should go through your shoe collection and decide which items should be saved. Try to get rid of anything you don't wear at least a few times a year, things that don't fit anymore, and anything that is starting to look discolored or has tears or holes. After this, your inventory should be a little smaller and it will be easier to work with.

After you've gotten rid of unwanted shoes, try to organize the rest of your space (whether it be your closet, bedroom area or mudroom) to make room for the shoes. You'd be amazed at how moving around furniture or locating your T-shirts to a new dresser can make a huge difference. Then it's time to find the best types of shoe storage for your space. Here are some great ideas for how to store your shoes.

shoe shelves(source)

Floating shelves– These attractive shelves are great for showing off shoes that are interesting to look at or a designer brand. Displaying them higher up on a shelf not only makes them the focal point of the room, but it also prevents them from getting dirty or marked up from being next to other shoes.

door shoe storage(source)

Over-the-door organizers- Make use of every inch of your home by hanging your shoe collection on the back of your door with one of these organizers. This not only hides the shoes when the door is open, but keeps them protected and organized in their own separate pockets.

shoe bookcase(source)

Bookcase– Instead of displaying your favorite reads, why not display your favorite shoes? Bookcases are usually the perfect height and width to store your typical heels, flats, sneakers and sandals. You can also group them by shoe type, season or color to create an organized area and make choosing a pair easier. Make your shoe collection look like a prized piece of art!

Regular shelves– Organize your closet so that the old sweaters or purses that took up your shelf space reside in a new home, like a dresser or hanging racks. Then use the new shelf space to store your shoes. Since shoes are shaped differently than clothing that can be laid flat, it's best to store oddly-shaped items where they will fit. The sweaters and tees can fit just about anywhere, so simply rearrange where each item goes to make more room for your shoes.

wire shoe rack(source)

Wire railsWire shoe rails can be installed to any existing drawer or shelf to keep shoes organized and stay in place.

pullout shoe drawer(source)

Pullout organizers– Drawers or shelves that pull out from a cabinet or closet help save a ton of space. They also make your closet look much less cluttered, since the shoes are hidden away when not in use. Pullout organizers and their hardware are available at many hardware stores and are fairly easy to install yourself.

shoe lazy susan (source)

Lazy Susan- Much like the version you'd see in your kitchen cabinets or pantries, a shoe lazy Susan holds your favorite footwear on all areas of the product. Simply spin the organizer to see all the pairs- it's quick, easy and fun.

shoe box storage(source)

Re-use old shoe boxes– Most of us probably throw away the cardboard boxes that our shoes come in, but you can reuse them to store some of your favorite pairs. Stack them up in a bare section of your closet or room. To keep track of which shoes are in which box, photograph each pair of shoes and tape the photograph to the side of the box. There's no need to rummage through your closet trying to find your favorite pair- you can just find the picture and open the box. If the old boxes seem too ugly, you can always wrap them in attractive paper to match your home.

shoe ladder(source)

Ladder- Storing shoes is probably one of the last things you would think of when it comes to rolling library ladders. However, you'd be surprised how easily your high heels hang over the rails. The vertical height of the ladder allows it to easily fit in a room without taking up too much space. Try fitting a few pairs of your favorite heels on an old ladder for a chic way to keep them organized.

Spotlight on the Iron-A-Way


Built-in ironing centers are a practical way to save space in your home. Whether you typically iron clothes in your laundry room, living room, kitchen or bathroom, having the hardware built into the wall certainly will come in handy. These ironing centers are constructed with the typical homeowner in mind, helping them get their household tasks done with ease while saving space in their home. One of the most popular types of these ironing centers is the Iron-A-Way.

This innovative product will make your home function more efficiently. When not in use, the Iron-A-Way resembles a typical cabinet on the wall. The iron and other hardware is neatly tucked out of sight, leaving your room looking clean and tidy. When you are ready to use the ironing board, just simply open the door, pull the ironing board down and begin ironing.

The Iron-A-Way eliminates the hassle of typical ironing. Ironing boards are bulky and long, which makes it hard to find space to effectively store them in your home. You may have to store your ironing board in a room far away from where you do the ironing, making each time you iron a long process. This product allows you to install the hardware in the room you typically iron in, saving you time and space and eliminating the hassle.

Each Iron-A-Way comes with a ventilated ironing board, premium hot iron storage, a timer, storage shelves, the ironing board's cover and pad, a hot iron rest, a garment bar for hanging your freshly-pressed items, and more.

There are also a variety of customizations you can make to your ironing center. Some of the ironing centers have a swivel which allows you to turn the board horizontally for easier ironing. The doors can come in a variety of wood species and can be painted or styled to your liking to match your room's decor. Or, if you'd rather not have a door, that option is available as well. The various models are different sizes to fit your wall space perfectly. You can install the ironing board at the height of your choice and even install it so it is flush with your wall or cabinet.

Eliminate the chore of ironing with the help of this Iron-A-Way ironing center and our various ironing accessories- including ironing board covers and our pullout/foldout ironing board.

Organize Your Office Space

Whether you work in a corporate office or have your own version in the comfort of your home, keeping your space organized can lead to increased productivity. Installing a few pieces of hardware or purchasing some storage items will give your office an entirely new look. Here are a few products to help you organize your office space or media center.

keyboard trayKeyboard trayKeyboard trays usually slide out from underneath the main desk and provide ergonomic support for your hands while you type.  Some versions, like this one, even feature a mouse tray and flip-up compartment to store pens, paper clips and other small office supplies.

laptop drawer with lock

Notebook drawer with lock. Keep your laptop safe and secure by storing it in a pull-out drawer that’s fully equipped with a lock. This not only saves space in your briefcase and on your desk, but it also hides your expensive computer from potential theft.

 cd holder

CD holder. These handy organizers will store your CDs- whether they are music CDS or computer programs- effectively and allow you to see the titles of each. Since they are rather thin and vertical, they easily fit into any office space or media area.

file folder kit

File folder kit. This kit allows you to organize your various folders in a logical way. Once you assemble the file folder kit, you simply place it in a cabinet or drawer for easy access. This will keep all of your important documents in one place and group similar items together.

cable grips

Cable grips. In any office setting, there are typically a large amount of wires, extension cords and plugs. Cable grips help keep the cables and cords organized by grouping and separating each one to your liking. This is great for shared office spaces where two or more employees share a desk area or outlet.

desk grommet

Grommets. Grommets will help to protect wires, cords and cables for your computer and electronic equipment. They protect the wires and cables from damage and debris and usually come in  a variety of colors and sizes to match the decor of your office or home.

power strip

Power strips. Since a typical 2-plug outlet usually won’t suffice, power strips come in handy in office settings. These allow you to plug in 5 or 6 different appliances or electronics at once, which is very useful when working with computers- since you’ll need a plug for the modem, monitor, printer, etc.

usb connector

USB connectors. It’s always helpful to have various USB connectors at hand for projects that may involve extra computers, monitors, or other audio needs.

How to Store Your Winter Gear

With winter coming up in a few short weeks, your home is sure to become abundant with coats, boots, shovels, skis and more. Certain rooms in your home, such as your entryway, mudroom, closets and garage become places to store all of this winter gear and can become messy and crowded. To keep everything organized and in its proper place, here are a few helpful storage accessories and tips.

mudroom mat

Place absorbent mats on the floor. It sounds obvious enough, but placing mats to trap the water near entryways is a must. Also place absorbent mats around the areas where the winter items are stored, since there will be a lot of foot traction in this area. This will help make your job of cleaning easier and prevent your home from getting too dirty from outside debris. If you isolate the mats to just one space in the home, that will become the destination for taking off winter boots and coats, instead of having to clean up mud and snow all over the house.

open storage

Open storage works best. Instead of cramming things into old cabinets or drawers, utilize open storage. Open cubbies, shelves and cabinets allow you to see all of the items you’re storing and choose the necessary ones easily. More importantly, open storage allows for proper ventilation and air circulation for any items that have snow, rain or mud debris on them. This type of storage allows you to air dry your items while keeping everything at an arm’s reach. For shoes, look for a shoe organizer to separate the boots from sneakers and invest in a boot dryer if possible to speed up the drying process.

mudroom hooks

Add hooks. Hooks are great for hanging items that need to dry, like wet coats and snowpants. Hanging things also saves space on the bottom of the rack or closet, which is great for storing shoes.

mudroom organization

Invest in baskets and storage bins. These types of storage containers let you place similar items together. For example, you can put gloves in one container and scarves in another, or even assign one bin to each child or person for their winter items. Grouping items together keeps things organized and easy to find in a last-minute rush. If the baskets or bins are stackable, they can easily be stored away when winter is over with.

shoe storage

Utilize door storage. Over-the-door storage racks or shoe organizers are ideal for smaller items like gloves, hats and scarves. Just make sure the items are properly dried and clean before storing them to prevent mildew.

snowboard storage

Add storage racks in the garage. Instead of leaving your winter items on the ground everywhere, invest in some hanging storage racks for your garage, mudroom or shed. There are a large variety of options available, including shovel racks and racks for skis, snowshoes and snowboards. Any items that can be stacked or laid flat would fit on long shelves as well. For heavier winter gear that won’t fit inside the house, you can install coat racks in the garage or shed. Encouraging storage outside of the home (like in a garage or outdoor shed) frees up entryway space inside your home and reduces the clutter and mess.

*images are from Apartment Therapy & Femaleways

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in a home. A large challenge that many homeowners and renters face is making the most of that small space. Storing toiletries, towels and other bathroom items can be tricky when there isn’t much room to work with. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to maximize the storage space in your small bathroom.

bathroom cabinets

Wall cabinets. Cabinets that are mounted into the wall makes use out of the empty wall space while providing ample storage. Wall cabinets usually have different compartments and shelves, which makes them ideal for storing medicines and bathroom items of all different sizes. These cabinets also help to prevent cluttering the sink tops and floor as well. Many popular wall cabinets have a mirror on the front of the cabinet door, which saves extra wall space as well.

bathroom hooks

Hooks, racks and other storage solutions. There are a variety of utility shelves and storage racks that you can use in your bathroom. In the shower, wire racks attached to your showerhead or the shower wall are an easy way to store your shampoo, soap and other items.
Hooks and racks should be placed in various spaces in your bathroom for hanging towels, washcloths, bathrobes and more. Utilize your bathroom door as well by placing hooks and racks on the inside of the door. This handy toilet paper holder fits perfectly on the inside of your cabinet shelf.

bathroom open shelves

Tall and slim open shelves. Narrow shelves are ideal for storing items like towels and toiletries- especially if the shelving is open and has no cabinet doors (this way, guests can see the items they need and use them). Since these shelves are narrow, they can fit in between any fixtures in your bathroom and can make use of the higher-up space that normally is ignored. If your items seem to become too cluttered, find skinny baskets and store the smaller items in those. This type of shelving also adds to the room’s aesthetic and can make the room appear taller and therefore larger.

bathroom ladder

Rolling ladder. If you have the space to install a rolling library ladder in your bathroom, give it a shot. This way, you can store items that aren’t as frequently used up higher and then easily reach them when needed with the help of the ladder. A rolling ladder also adds charm and beauty to your space.

bathroom chair

Tables and chairs. Many bathrooms have a small table or nightstand in the corner or open space of the layout. This can double as storage space as well as a decorative element. A nice chair also serves as a place to put clothes or items while adding elegance to your bathroom’s decor.

laundry pull out

Laundry pull-outs. If your bathroom doubles as a laundry room or you have some space left in your under-the-sink cabinets, think about adding a pull-out hamper to store dirty clothes and towels. Since it’s inside the cabinet or drawer, it will be hidden from guests and take up less space than a standalone hamper.

bathroom organization

Organize your existing items. Go through what is currently in your bathroom and get rid of anything that is old. Medicines that are past their expiration date, old makeup and stained towels all should be thrown away to clear up more space. See if any of the items in your bathroom can be stored elsewhere in your home. If it’s something you don’t use on a daily basis or need in the bathroom, then move it to another location.

*some images are from Houzz

4 Must-Have Items in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is used for a variety of purposes, including cooking meals, eating, entertaining and storage. Due to the multitude of uses and limited amount of space, you need to prioritize which items can fit and be stored in your kitchen. To save space, give your kitchen a nice appearance and increase functionality, there are a few items every kitchen should have.

cabinet pull outs

Cabinet pull-outs. Cabinet pull-outs can be used for a variety of purposes and can fit any size or shape of cabinet. For larger, under-the-sink cabinets, try installing a waste basket pull out. This saves space in a small kitchen and also helps conceal the smell of the garbage. You can also install pull-outs for your kitchen cleaning products under the sink (just make sure that these have a lock on them if you have small children or pets). Dish towels can be hung to dry in one of these slide and pull-outs as well. For taller cabinets or pantry spaces, installing a pull-out is a great way to organize your items. Smaller cabinets are great for spice racks, while larger ones can keep all your canned goods, condiments, and other food items organized and at an easy reach.

drawer organizer

Utensil drawer organizer. If you cook often, chances are you have more than just the standard forks, knives and spoons laying around. Drawer organizers and inserts are an easy and affordable way to keep track of all your cooking utensils. Separate them by material, frequency of usage, size or however you please. Choose one that is durable and easy to remove, which makes cleaning simple and quick.

Serving platters. When guests show up unexpectedly, chaos can ensue. Having a few lovely serving platters on hand makes preparing and serving appetizers quick and easy. Regular items look extra fancy when served on a lovely platter, so these are great investments for the future. Get the most use out of them by using the platters to serve food to your family as well. Who says you need a special occasion to use your serving platters?

stainless steel hood

An effective range hood and vent. Range hoods and vents are essential to a clean, healthy and attractive kitchen. Range hoods and vents exhaust the steam and heat away from the cooking area, which cools off your kitchen and cooking space. They also prevent your kitchen”s walls from forming mold and mildew from the water vapor caused through cooking. Any grease or grime that builds up on surfaces will also be lessened with a range hood and vent. Lastly, the hood and vent has a fan which can help get rid of bad kitchen smells from burning something or cooking something pungent. Range hoods come in a variety of materials and colors, so you are sure to find one that matches with your kitchen”s backsplash or decor. Popular options include copper, stainless steel and wood.

*some images are from Houzz

Ideas for Rolling Library Ladders

One way to add beautiful and functionality to your home is to install a rolling library ladder. These ladders help you easily reach things on high shelves or areas, and have the added bonus of beauty and classic style. They can be installed in almost any room in your home and can easily be customized to your liking. Below are some popular options of library ladders in your home.

rolling library ladder(source)

Use a rolling ladder in your closet as a way to reach items stored at high levels. Closets in particular  are usually small, so proper storage and organization is key. Many times this leads to seasonal or less-used items being stored in higher places that can only be accessed with the boost of a ladder.

wooden library ladder(source)

It is called a rolling library ladder after all- so why not use it in that room? If you have a large library in your home, a rolling ladder provides easy access to each and every book. In addition to the functionality, these ladders add an elegant touch to your library that guests will enjoy.

kitchen ladder(source)

Installing a rolling library ladder in your kitchen is a great way to reach pots, pans and even food items. Whether you install it in the main spot of your kitchen or inside your pantry, you can access items that are stored on the highest shelves with ease.

wine cellar ladder(source)

Reach high bottles safely and easily with the help of a rolling ladder. Opt for an elegant and luxurious wood type (and stain) for your wine cellar.

loft ladder


If you have a loft in your home, a rolling library ladder is a must. Whether the loft is for storage, hides a bed or is a space for children to play, the ladder allows them to easily access the hidden space.

bathroom ladder


An unexpected place to use a rolling library ladder is in your bathroom. You can store linens and toiletries for guests in the higher cabinets and easily reach them when the occasion approaches. The ladder also doubles as a space to hang towels.

rolling library ladder


Instead of your typical wooden library ladder, why not add a pop of color to your home? Paint your ladder a bold color for an interesting take on the classic ladder. It will instantly brighten up your room and add an element of visual interest.

You can easily build your own rolling library ladder with the help of CS Hardware. We offer rolling library ladder hardware kits, wood ladder kits, custom wood ladder kits and ladder accessories on our website. Simply select from our options of rolling ladder components and easily assemble the pieces once they arrive. Your home will be looking good in no time! For more inspiration in the form of photos, check out our Pinterest board full of ways to use your rolling library ladder.

Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen provide plenty of storage space for your foods, cooking tools and more. The larger the cabinets, the more room you will have to store things. However, not every kitchen is large or has enough cabinets, and that is where proper organization comes into place. To effectively use your space for storage, you must organize your cabinets to the best of your ability.

First off, you should make a plan. Figure out what items you want to store in your kitchen and what items can go in a closet somewhere else. So many people keep things that don’t belong in the kitchen in that room, which just clutters up the closets, drawers and cabinets. Measure your cabinets so you will know which items can fit in which cabinets.

Next, it’s time to clean up. Remove all the contents of your cabinets so they are empty. Get rid of anything that is outdated, won’t be used, or unnecessary to have in the kitchen. Once you have whittled down your items to what you need, you can then plan where they will go. Taller items should go in the taller cabinets, for example. Items that are used more often than others should be placed in a cabinet that is easy-to-reach and close to the work area. Any pots, pans or food items that are rarely used can go further back or in harder-to-reach cabinets.

Pair similar items together. This will make things easier to find if it makes sense logically for them to be next to one another. This will save you time and prevent stress when cooking or baking. Moving everything around may be hectic at first, but after some time you will become accustomed to where everything is and be glad you reorganized your cabinets logically.

If your cabinets don’t have ample shelving, you should look into installing some. Cabinets without shelves or levels can waste useful space. Dividing your cabinets into smaller segments allows for more items to fit. Consider using containers as well to store loose or small items together. Anything that comes in an oddly-shaped box, jar or can may be moved into a square, stackable container so it will fit better.

If there is enough space in your cabinets, you can install a hanging rack on the inside of the cabinet door. Items like spices or measuring cups/spoons usually will fit in this space easily. This will help to free up space in your drawers and pantry as well.

The Best Home Remodeling & Improvement Blogs

Over the years, the internet has changed the way home remodeling works. There are so many more resources available for homeowners, contractors and interior decorators than ever before. In addition to using Pinterest or iPhone apps for your home remodel, there are also a large variety of blogs out there. Here are a few blogs you should be reading for inspiration, tutorials and resources when remodeling your home.

Remodelaholic ( – One of the most popular remodeling blogs out there, Remodelaholic is written and run by a couple who love everything and anything DIY. Not only do they produce high-quality content, but they also take user submissions as well. Over the span of the blog, they have successfully remodeled three separate houses, sharing their ups and downs along the way.

Apartment Therapy ( – Their motto is, “Saving the world, one room at a time”, and they do just that. Apartment Therapy sets out to “help people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online”. This blog is known for its beautiful images and wide variety of topics (including everything from outdoors to style).

Ikea Hackers ( – This blog features tutorials of how to modify and repurpose Ikea products. The blog takes reader submissions and always has original content due to the popularity of Ikea furniture. This is a great space for creative people to come together and share their ideas and get inspiration for their own furniture remodel.

Young House Love ( – Another reader favorite, this blog focuses on a couple’s journey of remodeling their first home together. Complete with DIYs, personal stories and plenty of before-and-after shots, this blog is full of useful resources and inspiration for any home remodel on a budget.

Charles and Hudson ( – Charles and Hudson features articles that focus on the quality, design and innovation in the world of home improvement. The blog’s popular categories include DIY, design, tools and outdoor articles. If you’re looking for something that focuses less on the interior design and more on the construction, this is the blog for you.

The Best iPhone Apps for Remodeling Your Home

There are a variety of resources you will use when remodeling your home. Some common examples include magazines, brochures and websites. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, there is a now a new resource helping homeowners everywhere- apps. Here are a few apps that will help you stay organized and give you inspiration during your remodel.

Remodelista ($2.99)- This app includes a mobile-friendly version of the popular website, design inspiration images, products and much more. You can save all your inspiration into separate folders for complete organization on-the-go.

Home 3D ($6.99)- While the price on this one may seem steep compared to the free versions out there, it is worth every penny. This app allows you to create the blueprint of your home in a 3-D model. You can easily change the look anytime you want and there are so many options to choose from. You can choose the overall structure, the interior styling and even virtually walk through the rooms you create. This app is great for architects, interior designers and homeowners alike.

The Home Depot (free)- At some point in the remodeling process, you will need to make a trip to Home Depot. This app will enhance your experience both inside and outside the store. You can easily find and browse products, scan barcodes to get more information or buy the products and read product reviews.

HGTV To Go (free)- Every homeowner’s favorite channel can now be streamed on your iPhone. Watch full episodes and browse photos for inspiration and DIY instructions with this free app.

iHandy Carpenter ($1.99)- This app has every tool you need right at your fingertips. It includes a surface level, a bubble bar, protractor and ruler all in one.

ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams (free)- Choosing the perfect color- or finding a shade that matches an existing piece- can be very tricky. Luckily, this app by Sherwin Williams makes things a little bit easier. This app allows you to capture real-world colors and then find the paint shade to match. From there on you can choose coordinating colors or let the app do it for you! The app also has many sharing options so you can show your family, friends and interior decorators your colors.

Home Sizer ($2.99)- This app lets you estimate the size and functions of your home and helps to calculate the square footage. The cool calculator option allows you to estimate the value or construction cost of your home, as well as your monthly payment with the integrated mortgage feature.