2014 Favorites: Blum Aventos Cabinet Door Lift Systems & Components

One of the favorites of 2014 has been Blum’s Aventos lift systems and related components. This is a premium functional hardware option for your upper cabinets, perfect above kitchen sinks and other counter space.

These cabinet doors easily lift, clearing the way effortless access to cabinet storage space. Even with taller kitchen cabinetry, easy access to the cabinet handles. BLUMOTION quiet closing ensures a smooth transition between open and closed states. Continue reading “2014 Favorites: Blum Aventos Cabinet Door Lift Systems & Components”

Organizing Cabinets & Shelves: Closet Space

Part Two in this Series, this week we look at how to make the most of an oft-crowded space: your closet. Whether you have a sprawling boudoir or a compact NYC apartment with “less-than adequate” space, here are some tips for you.

Being organized has its advantages, all throughout your home. How many of us have a not-quite-so-functional closet, either too small or too cluttered? Here are some great ideas on how to use a little bit of creativity and some cleverness to make the most out of your closet storage space.

Closet Storage:  Valet Rods (sliding & pull out)

Ever need an extra hand? Valet rods to the rescue. Standard or collapsible rods can be installed in a variety of places. Now you can keep that freshly ironed shirt ready for an upcoming event, or remind yourself what needs to go to the dry cleaners. Continue reading “Organizing Cabinets & Shelves: Closet Space”

All About Closet Hardware

The walk-in closet is a dream to many people, because it means having all the space in the world to organize AND stylize their apparel. You can enjoy ultimate closet style without having the big closet if you find the right closet hardware. Here we breakdown the pieces you can buy to make the most of your closet space – no matter how much or how little you have to work with.

Pull Down Rods


For those who can’t reach the top of tall closets, pull down rods allow for making use of all the closet space you have. Closet rods are a unique installation, and they are side-mounted. The pull-down rods are a full system with two side rods and a center rod that can be used for lowering the closet rod. The rods come with a telescoping handle and rod that can accommodate custom lengths and widths. Note that a minimum of 14″ closet depth is needed to install.

Shoe and Pant Storage


Shoe and pant storage usually come in the form of hardware that can be added to a closet system or installed in a closet separately. Utilizing shoe storage is a way to consolidate shoes without sacrificing space. Easy shoe storage systems involve door hang racks and plastic hanging pockets as a stand-alone solution. However you can also choose railing that can be installed on a section of your closet system to keep shoes in place.

Pant racks typically are rods combined on a rack that extends on a drawer slide style track. You can usually install it within a closet that fits the proper width.  The application can also apply to dish rags and similar hanging fabric.

Storage Pullouts


Easy pullout storage can be used for towels, jewelry, and other small items that can be installed in conjunction with a closet space. These kinds of pullouts often run on drawer slides and can be installed in the upper half of a tall closet, thus making use of otherwise empty space. Pullout baskets, pullout rods, and jewelry drawer pullouts can all be used in closet organization.


How to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes homeowners will compromise on the kitchen initially with visions of improving it later on. The kitchen is quite often a bustling place for cooking meals and entertaining. If the space is limited, don’t feel cheated. Get creative! Consider some useful ideas for maximizing kitchen space and your less-than-ideal kitchen will feel like a perfect fit.

Extend Countertops

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Home Hardware for the Holidays

Home projects and hardware can take on a new life during the holiday season. Even if the handyman in your life just needs a new power tool, dressing up the gift with a bow or ribbon adds the holiday spirit. However, home projects during the holidays can stray from the usual upkeep and transform into hardware-based home improvement ideas that bring the holiday spirit into your home. Consider some ways to repurpose items in your home and really bring the festive feeling to everyday pieces.

Update Fireplace

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Garage Organization with Wall Racks

Spring cleaning has long since passed, and summer is nearing its end. Now is the time to get ready for fall with some home organization. The garage is probably the last place people choose to clean out. As a place usually passed through quickly coming and going, items get strewn about in shelves by the cars. However, rooting around for something you've stored in the garage can get tricky as it becomes buried or trapped behind other items. Garage organization with racks and hangers can offer a very simple solution for endless types of home clothing and outdoor gear.

Sports Equipment

Certain sports you love require a great deal of gear. If you don't have the space in your home for it, the garage is a great spot. Additionally, when you're dealing with dirty or worn equipment, leaving it in the garage before entering your home saves space and keeps your home clean. Hang up your mountain bike or skis with a garage storage rack. These racks are also great for baseball bats, helmets, mitts and more. Golf bags are hard to store, and hanging them on racks out the way in your garage makes them easy to find as well as keeps them safe.

Winter Clothes and Equipment

Winter coats are comfortable and warm, but they are also large and take up a great deal of space. Storing them in your garage year-round offers space saving value and keeps you and your family from tracking in snow and dirt. You can store everyday winter coats or ski gear easily on the hooks for winter gear. Hang snow shoes and coats together along with your skis and helmet for easy access when you're heading out the door.


Outdoor enthusiasts can get specific storage racks for a variety of equipment. Kayaking fans can get a kit designed to hold up their kayaks without any risk of jostling or falling. There are several different styles of racks for storing any kind of camping equipment you may have. From camping chairs to tent kits and other bags of gear, you'll be able to hang all your camping equipment.


Especially in the fall and winter, you're going to want to have easy access to your rakes and shovels. Whether it's cleaning up falling leaves or shoveling out your driveway, you don't want to be looking around (or hurt yourself) trying to find the right tool. Hanging up your rakes and shovels together makes for easy access, especially in the garage. You won't have to worry about scraping yourself or knocking over boxes while trying to drag out a rake or shovel when they're hanging in clear view.