Hidden Bookcase Door: Create & Live In Your Own Mystery Story

Ever wanted a secret passage in your home? Check out these Hidden Bookcase Doors.

Some of us love the very thought of hiding places and hidden spaces. Here’s a chance for the mystery lover we all know to bring that bit of fantasy into their home. Where would your secret door take you—to your own personal writing room? The survivalists among us could develop a “safe room” or “panic room.” Perhaps you have a secret treasure, or the details of an ominous inheritance or family secret. Got a skeleton that needs a closet?

The InvisiDoor hidden Bi-fold Bookcase Door can not only house your favorite mystery books, but can become part of the mystery itself – talk about setting the tone or having a theme for your room!

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The Murphy Door

What better way to utilize space and add some character to your home than with an easy-to-install door? The Murphy Door, also referred to as “the amazing bi-fold Hide-A-Door” or the bookshelf closet door, does just that.

The Murphy Door is essentially a set of bookshelves with unique hardware that turns them into a closet door. The outside of the door looks like a regular bookshelf, but with a simple tug on the center columns, it glides open to reveal a hidden room or closet.

The Murphy Door is easily customizable. You can choose from MDF (usually in black or white) or popular wood types (such as oak or maple) so your door will match the style and look of your home. The universal hardware fits 4’, 5’ and 6’ doors, and you can choose the door opening width of your choice.

The door is also very versatile. It adds function and style to any room in your home, including your bedroom, family room, a guest room, your home office or even in your kitchen as a way to hide your pantry. It also can hide unattractive rooms like the laundry room or a cluttered closet. It turns old or boring closet doors into an exciting place to display and store whatever you desire- books, collectibles, home goods or pantry items. The innovative and quality construction of these doors allows them to easily hold over 300 pounds. When the doors open, nothing will fall off of the shelves due to the unique hardware.

The Murphy Door bookshelf kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own hidden door- including the hardware, parts and pieces for the valance. The common tools that are required for the installation are a hammer, finish nails or brad nailer, a hack saw, a drill or screwdriver, a tape measure and a level. For a semi-skilled carpenter, the process will take about 1 ½ to 2 hours, while for a novice it may take around 3. Instructions with 3D drawings make this door easy to install.