Different Hinges for Different Needs

Cabinet door hinges are a key piece of hardware that carry the power of function and aesthetics at the same time. Homeowners absolutely need hinges to swing their home doors, cabinet doors, and other pieces of furniture, but they don’t strictly offer functional utility. Thousands upon thousands of hinges exist in different finishes and styles which makes choosing a hinge a very personal experience. While someone can make a quick and easy selection of basic plain hinges, customers have the option of choosing something more specific to the entire look and flow of their home. Consider the many ways you can incorporate hinges – from different styles, to different pieces of hardware in the home.

Decorative hinges

Cabinets are everywhere in most homes. People use them to store toiletries in the bathroom, food in the kitchen, and other various storage points. And it doesn’t just stop at the home – cabinets are used in office kitchens, work rooms and more. Cabinet door hinges can add a great deal of character to a room. Instead of having them be hidden or plain, decorative hinges allow for some fun. Whether you just want a soft, antique design, or you want your bright copper finish to stand out, you can find the right decorative hinge at a variety of price ranges.

Concealed hinges

Traditional concealed hinges are relatively easy to install and they keep the aesthetics of your cabinets intact without any sign of the mechanism inside. Some concealed hinges require additional work, drilling a recess for the hinge position in the door. However others are incredibly cheap and simple to install, and they are completely invisible when Now it seems that certain from the world’s most populated nations and residential to more deep-pocketed bettors is placed to (finally!) get immediate access to Macau, giving city’s best casinos online much more reason to welcome people from other countries with open arms. the door is closed. If you want to go a fancier route, choose Soss hinges, which offers solid installation for inset doors, but they’re equally as invisible when the cabinet doors are shut. Some Soss hinges also offer the benefit of spring closing, removing the fear of slamming your door too often.

Self closing hinges

Instead of focusing on aesthetics (or the lack thereof), making the cabinet doors easy to open and close may be your priority. Youngdale produces self-closing hinges that fit both overlay and lip inset cabinet styles. This type of hinge is easier to install compared to other European style hinges. While not completely hidden from view, Youngdale hinges are mostly concealed once installed when the cabinet door is shut.

AVENTOS lift hinges

Choose a truly modern hinge system for your cabinets with the AVENTOS lift hinges. Instead of opening doors side by side, this system lets you access your upper cabinets with ease by lifting one panel above the cabinets. This lift system creates a more modern feel to any home, given the single panel lift. Customers can typically choose between wood and aluminum, so you can still craft your cabinets in the style you prefer.

All About Cabinet Door Hinges

Hinges may seem like just a small factor when putting together the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but in reality there are a variety of styles to consider. Whether you want to add character with a specific look or finish or create an invisible seamless design, you can find the right cabinet door hinges that suit your needs for your kitchen or room.

The Most Common Hinges

A commonly used hinge for cabinet and other doors is called the butt hinge. This simple rectangular design performs well for both interior and exterior applications. You can find variety in finial types, with either a minarette style or round ball style. This is the most common type of hinge due to its simplicity of design, its availability in a large selection of finishes and its easy installation. Butt hinges are also very reliable and sturdy for long term use.

Concealed Hinges

Soss hinges are named for their inventor, Joseph Soss. These hinges are more expensive than most, but they are completely invisible when cabinet doors are closed. Great care is necessary when installing these hinges because they need to be lined up perfectly with each other to be fully concealed when closed.

There are other concealed cabinet hinge options beyond Soss hinges. There is a wide selection, as well as a broader price range, of concealed hinges of different designs. There are hinge styles in the $1 to $10 range for ultimate savings. If you're looking for a less expensive investment, there are a variety of choices. Both self closing and soft closing hinge options are available, as well as any opening angle from 30 degrees to 170 degrees.


If you're in the market for easy, self-closing cabinet doors, then consider purchasing Youngdale hinges for your home. These Europeanstyle hinges are great for overlay and partial inset doors. While not completely concealed, they are mostly concealed when the cabinet door is closed. Youngdale hinges are typically easy to install and can be mounted on both face frame and frameless cabinets.

Decorative Hinges

Hinges aren't all about secrecy! Sometimes you want the whole world — or at least whoever is in your kitchen — to see and enjoy your cabinet hinges. If that's your goal, then you should look for decorative door hinges. Decorative hinges are available in just about any finish. Consider a butterfly style or other face mount hinge as an accent to the theme or coloring the room. Adding both a functional and stylish element to your cabinets is a great way to have fun with cabinet installation or hinge replacement.