How to Secure Valuables Inside Your Home

secure valuables in your home

Where do you keep your valuables? If they’re stashed in your dresser drawer, bedroom closet, or maybe even your freezer, they’re exactly where a thief will search first. Other places they’re sure to check are under your mattress, in medicine cabinets, inside toilet tanks, and in bookshelves (including false books). If you’re going to thwart a potential burglar, you’re going to have to do better.

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The Hidden Door Safe Room: Using Bookcase Doors To Create A Panic Room In Your Home

Safe rooms are a popular topic of discussion in terms of creating an environment in your home where you feel comfortable, no matter what happens. Seen as a place to store valuables – either in terms of items and objects or especially valuable people, a hidden door safe room can offer one option in a plan for emergencies, unexpected dangerous situations, or other problematic encounters. Continue reading “The Hidden Door Safe Room: Using Bookcase Doors To Create A Panic Room In Your Home”

Hidden Bookcase Door: Create & Live In Your Own Mystery Story

Ever wanted a secret passage in your home? Check out these Hidden Bookcase Doors.

Some of us love the very thought of hiding places and hidden spaces. Here’s a chance for the mystery lover we all know to bring that bit of fantasy into their home. Where would your secret door take you—to your own personal writing room? The survivalists among us could develop a “safe room” or “panic room.” Perhaps you have a secret treasure, or the details of an ominous inheritance or family secret. Got a skeleton that needs a closet?

The InvisiDoor hidden Bi-fold Bookcase Door can not only house your favorite mystery books, but can become part of the mystery itself – talk about setting the tone or having a theme for your room!

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Gaining Popularity: The Hidden Door

Recently we came across this post by Matt Risinger about his remodel project on a 1930s home. The house came with several hidden doors, and in the video below we get a tour through the updated house. If you’ve been a fan of CSH for a while, you know our InvisiDoor hidden bookcase doors and bi-fold doors are very popular! It’s hard not to love the idea of having a concealed room in your home for novelty or storage. Watch the video below to become privy to some well-concealed closets and bathrooms.

8 Elusive Things To Discover Behind A Secret Bookcase Door

Every kid wants to discover a secret passage or hidden room in an old home, right? Let's play the “what-if” game on what you'd find behind a hidden bookcase door. Imagine what you might find…

1. Narnia

As you walk through the bookcase door there's a shift in the atmosphere and you find yourself in a whole new world. What is this magical place? Well, there are some unusual creatures about. Is that animal talking? You have just found Narnia, young adventurer.

2. Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is… oh hey! She's right there! How did people have such a hard time locating this woman for years? You notice the bright red coat and hat right away of Carmen and capture her easily. Great job, gumshoe!

3. Waldo

You see red and white stripes, a bespectacled face and a knit cap: it’s that guy who keeps slipping through your fingers all the time! Well, not any more. You discovered Waldo's secret spot when he's not out in a big crowd trying to hide in plain sight for the heck of it. Secret doors make sense for one of the most wanted men in the cartoon-universe.

4. Santa's Workshop

You enter through the bookcase door and smack into a pile of toys that continues for miles. What is this place? Is there snow outside the window? You see a few people skitter past below your line of vision, pointy ears and green caps passing in a blur. It seems that you discovered Santa's workshop. Grab some toys and run!

5. Nemo

This poor lost clown fish went on quite the adventure back in 2003. And now here's Nemo once again, hiding back here like he has something to prove. It turns out he wanted to go on more adventures and see the world, and ended up stuck back in this room. You should probably help send him home again, as his dad is probably freaking out.

6. Illuminati Hangout

If you don't notice the logo on the carpet right away, it sure just looks like a bunch of dudes hanging out and watching football. Behind this hidden door there's a pool table in the middle of the room and a few cases of beer on the floor. Upon closer inspection, you realize you're looking at a gathering of the Illuminati, one of the more infamous secret societies. They need a place to kick back and relax too when they’re not trying to change the world in secret.

7. Al Capone's Vault

You feel a surge of anticipation as you walk through this bookcase door… only to find nothing. And for some reason, Geraldo Rivera is still there with his camera crew, hoping to break this story. Unfortunately, Al Capone's vault remains empty aside from some dirt and bottles, even in your imagination.

8. Amelia Earhart

She went missing decades ago after an ill-fated transatlantic flight, but wonder no longer. Amelia Earhart wound up behind this hidden door! She just didn't think anyone would be looking for her and preferred to spend her days thinking about flying around the world in the safety of her own hideout.

Imagine what you could do with your own hidden door!

3 Common Uses for Hidden Doors

p>One way to add storage, privacy and some interest to your home is to install a hidden door. Sometimes referred to as an invisible door or secret bookcase door, this innovative home structure is becoming more and more popular in homes over the past few years. Hidden doors are usually installed in place of interior doors or are sometimes built into a wall where there is something to conceal. Here are three of the most common uses for installing hidden doors in your home.


Storage- A common complaint amongst homeowners is the lack of storage space. Hidden doors are an excellent option to add a closet or even a full room for all your items. Common storage uses include a pantry or linen closet, your own private wine cellar or an entryway to an attic.


Privacy- Sometimes you just need to get away from everything- and a space hidden behind a secret door can provide just that. This private retreat can be a home office, a room for your hobbies, a panic room, a place to safely store your pricey valuables, a home gym or even a secret playroom for your children.


Aesthetic- Hidden doors can conceal something that would otherwise make your home look cluttered or messy. Examples of this include a hidden mechanical room, a room for the furnace, a laundry room or gun storage.  These doors also can create a beautiful space in your home to display your trinkets, prized possessions or collections. Even if you don’t have a secret room to conceal, these doors will add a designer’s touch to your home.

So whether you decide to show off your hidden door to house guests or keep it a secret all to yourself, this home renovation will bring years of enjoyment and function.


*all images are from Houzz