Should I Buy RTA Cabinets?

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Why buy RTA Cabinets?

In selecting new cabinets for your home, there are a variety of options to consider. Remodeling a home- either one area or a whole house- is a good way to increase the value of your home over time while enhancing the quality of living of your everyday life. That said, remodeling days can be quite costly. This is where DIY ideas such as ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets come into place. If you’re looking for a quick and easy assembly, are remodeling on a budget or love do-it-yourself projects, then ready to assemble cabinets are your best option.

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All About Fixing Cabinet Drawers

Kitchens see a great deal of activity on a daily basis. With cabinet doors opening and closing, drawers sliding in and out, and regular daily activity over time the joints will weaken and sometimes parts may even break. Even if you chose a high quality ready to assemble cabinet, you’ll likely face small repairs. If the drawers break, there are easy ways to tackle the fix on your own with a little handiwork and inexpensive replacement pieces. Here’s what you need to know.

Assessing the Damage

First off, look at what actually needs fixing or replacing. There are two issues that come up often. Due to pulling and slamming, the drawer front piece may crack or splinter; making it so the drawer doesn't close completely anymore. On the other hand, your drawer slides may have eroded or broken through excessive use. Replacing slides can be relatively easy and painless. When it comes to drawer fronts, depending on whether you have solid, applied, or false drawer fronts, this will dictates the type of work involved in replacing them.

Finding New Pieces

You have a few options to consider when fixing your cabinet drawers or slides. Search for similar styling or finish of drawer front pieces or go for something new and different to change up the style of your whole kitchen area. While with drawer fronts you'll be limited to varying finish or wood type, drawer slides offer more options. If you desire soft-closing slides or side mount slides instead of bottom, you can choose different types of drawer slides to fit your needs. You can check out the same place you purchased your RTA cabinet set or look for a different wholesaler to get new hardware.

The Switch

Take apart the drawer parts that require fixing. If you’re replacing the drawer slides just remove the drawer first before unscrewing the slides. Remove the broken, cracked, or old slide carefully and discard it properly. Make sure to read or look up instructions for installing your new drawer slides or drawer front. If you end up replacing the other parts of your drawer, such as the bottom or side panels, take exact measurements to ensure a seamless fit.

New Accents

When you’re re-installing the drawer or pieces, you can also consider some aesthetic updates. Install new updated drawer pulls or knobs to add some extra character to your drawer and kitchen cabinets. Make the switch to iridescent crystal knobs or bring an antique feel with decorative wrought iron pulls. Additionally, you can consider wood appliqués or medallions for extra decoration. Simply use wood glue to attach the appliqué of your choosing, whether it's a floral design, star, or other intricate hand carved design. Maintaining the look of your kitchen as well as the functionality of all its pieces can become a fun project.

All About Birch Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing new cabinets for your kitchen, the wood type is one of the many deciding factors. One of the more popular and affordable wood options for these RTA cabinets is birch.

One of the main strengths of birch is how it compares to maple. Birch has many of the same strength qualities and can easily be finished to resemble maple. The best part is that birch is less expensive than maple, so you can get the quality look of maple at just a fraction of the cost. Birch is becoming a popular choice for ready to assemble cabinets, so it is readily available in a variety of styles for consumers to choose from.

Birch is a very sturdy, strong wood that is dependable and will last. Although it is not the strongest wood type out there, it gets the job done. Birch cabinets will stand up well to daily use, including scrapes and bumps. They also hold nails and screws well.

Birch wood has a uniform texture and appearance, so it is easy to finish and paint to your liking. Whether you like the natural, uniform grain of birch or want to transform your birch cabinets to appear like walnut, the process is simple.

Birch is generally light in color, although it can be stained darker if you'd like (as mentioned above). It generally ranges in color from white to slightly red to a golden brown. There are over 50 species of birch around the world, so the options are endless. Below are examples of the different styles and looks of birch cabinets. Which one is your favorite?

natural birch cabinets

These are natural birch cabinets. The handsome, light-brown wood gives a natural and traditional feel to your kitchen.

dark birch cabinets

These are brandy birch cabinets. The darker stain is an easy way to change the natural look of birch to appear more luxurious.

white birch cabinets

These are white birch cabinets. The lighter color gives a sleek and simple look to your kitchen. White also can brighten up your space.

birch kitchen cabinets

This is another example of natural birch cabinets. The all-wood construction and slight toffee finish are a popular choice among home owners.

Choosing Pine Cabinets for Your Home

When choosing a type of wood for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, there are many factors to take into consideration. You want a wood that is affordable, strong and attractive. A great option that features all of these attributes is pine. Here are a few of pine’s standout qualities.

Pine is relatively inexpensive. Compared to fine woods such as oak or walnut, pine is a widely available and less expensive alternative. The range in price of pine can vary slightly, so look into the different types of pine the manufacturer or store offers.

Pine takes on many different styles. Whether you’re leaving it plain or applying a stain, the look of your pine cabinets can easily be transformed to fit your ideal image. By staining pine a darker color, it will resemble more expensive types of wood- without the hefty price tag.

Pine is durable. Typical wear and tear that cabinets receive won’t show up as easily on pine, so you can go years without having to replace or fix up your cabinet fronts.

Pine has a natural look. For those who want a rustic look for their traditional or country kitchen, pine is a great option. The knotting that is frequently seen in pine is what gives it this look. Since pine has a natural color, it blends nicely with your home décor and other furniture pieces. The natural warmth that pine cabinets can bring to a room is one of its top selling points.

Pine is a popular wood choice. Unlike some of the hard-to-get wood species, pine is quite often available and used by contractors and companies.

Pine is good for the environment. Pine trees are a fairly abundant tree and grow quickly.



Cabinet Finishing Techniques

cabinet finishes

The right type of finish can add warmth and depth to your cabinets and bring your kitchen or bathroom to life. There are a variety of cabinet finishing techniques to choose from, each providing a different appearance. The proper finish will give your wooden cabinets a beautiful look and help to protect them for years to come. Here are a few of the most popular cabinet finishing techniques.

Glaze– A glaze is a semi-transparent color that is applied over a stain. The glaze is applied to the wood and then wiped off by hand. It then settles into the grain and gives a nice, even wash of color and detail. This cabinet finishing technique adds depth, dimension and a slight sheen to your cabinets. When applied to the corners, glaze accentuates the carved details of the door for an artistic look. You can also control the amount of glaze applied depending on what look you are going for. An even and consistent coverage produces a more subtle appearance, while a heavier and more varied appearance gives a dramatic look. Since glazes come in a variety of tinted colors, it’s important to take the natural wood color into consideration when choosing a glaze to apply on top of it.

Stain– A stain is an easy way to enhance the natural beauty and grain of the wood. It gives a transparent color for a more natural look. Before applying a stain, the cabinet’s surface must be sanded so that the stain can absorb evenly. After applying a stain, you’ll notice that the wood’s natural characteristics-such as streaks, knots and the grain- become more prominent and create lighter and darker spots of color on the cabinets. The color of the stain also can vary across different parts of the door due to the grain.

Distressing– This technique gives a rustic finish with natural imperfections, such as dents, wear marks and scratches. This gives a sense of age and can resemble an antique piece. Distressing is more visible with glazed finishes, so take that into consideration when choosing the finish.

Heirlooming– This finishing technique recreates the natural process of wear for an authentic, aged finish. First, selective sanding will expose the underlying wood to give an impression of the natural wear process. Then the corners and edges are softened and the surface is distressed. Finally, the glaze is applied. This process is very hand-detailed, which helps give the cabinets a beautiful, artistic look.

Burnishing– Burnishing creates the warm, traditional look of furniture that many homeowners are looking for. To begin this technique, the wood is randomly distressed and over sanded. Then a stain is applied for a burnished effect. Lastly, a glaze is added to high-wear areas to provide a softened appearance.

Pros & Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

white kitchen cabinetsWhite cabinets have been used in kitchens throughout the years and are still a popular choice for interior remodeling today. When choosing your white cabinetry, there are many different options to choose from. You can install white thermofoil cabinets, reface your old cabinets or paint your existing wooden kitchen cabinets white. To figure out if these timeless kitchen cabinets are what you want for your remodel, it's best to look at both the pros and cons.

white cabinets


-White cabinets brighten up a room, which provides a more welcoming feel and even a larger look to your kitchen.

– If you choose a more modern laminate veneer for your white cabinets, they will resist dirt and cracks and clean easier than painted white cabinets.

– White goes with almost any color, style and hardware design. The extremely versatile color can make a kitchen appear more modern or traditional depending on what finishes and colors you pair it with. You have many more options of tiles, appliances and décor items with white cabinets than a specific color.

-If you plan on making changes to your kitchen's décor or appliances in the future, the white cabinets will still match with your ever-changing room.

white kitchen


-Like almost any product in this color scheme, white cabinets may easily show dirt, smudges, scratches or food particles from cooking.

-They show signs of aging, such as cracks or discoloration, far more easily than cabinets in other colors.

-A glossy white finish on cabinets can reflect light and possibly cause glares.

-White cabinets can make a kitchen seem plain and bland if there isn't much excitement in the décor or other parts of the room. Many people associate a room that is too white with being sterile and cold- which is not what you want others to think when they walk into your kitchen.

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Utilizing the space of your cabinets is an easy and effective way to organize your kitchen. By simply adding a few accessories into your kitchen cabinets, you can maximize your storage space and keep all your items at an arm’s reach. Here is a list of a few of the products that can be used to help organize your kitchen.

tray dividers

Drawer Inserts & Dividers. Whether it”s a utensil drawer, a spice drawer or even the classic junk drawer, finding the item you”re looking for can sometimes be a difficult task. Drawer inserts help to separate the items into different sections based on similarity and size. Vertical dividers can be inserted into cabinet storage for separating plates, baking sheets and cutting boards to reduce clutter. A utensil tray organizes your cutlery and other items effectively, allowing you to find the specific item you need. Choose a tiered tray for perfect organization of small items, such as spices.

Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans are a functional and practical way to keep smaller items, such as spices or canned foods, organized. They are great for storage-especially in tricky corner spaces of a cabinet, and rotate with a smooth and quiet swivel.

mixer lift

Appliance Lifts. Appliance lifts (such as the popular mixer lift) save space by being stored away when not in use. Made with flexibility in mind, these lifts attach to any custom-made shelf. They rise effortlessly and securely lock into place when in use. These are a great alternative for products you may not use every day, since you need the space for items you use more frequently.

shelves in kitchen

Shelves. Shelving units help to divide the clutter into smaller segments, which ends up creating extra space for even more items. Try including shelving underneath the sink- metal shelves can be fitted around the plumbing to hold cleaning products and supplies.

Choosing the Right Type of Cabinetry

RTA Cabinets

When deciding to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, one of the most important aspects is the cabinets.  Since the cabinets are such a large part of your home renovation project, it’s important to choose an option that fits within your budget, time frame and existing home décor.

There are four main types of cabinetry to choose from- custom, semi-custom, stock and ready-to-assemble (RTA).



In an ideal world, every customer would be able to have custom cabinets in their home. They allow for the upmost customization, are made with precise attention to detail and are expected to last for a long time. The end result is a room that can be admired by guests and appreciated for years to come.

A benefit of choosing custom cabinetry is that they can be made to match any color, style or fit- allowing you to get as close to your dream home as possible. A disadvantage to custom cabinetry is the expensive price tag and the slower delivery time.



The process of semi-custom cabinetry differs from the others in that construction begins once the details of the order have been finalized. The cabinetmakers take pre-built pieces and then finish them to suit the customer’s taste in size, shape and style.

Semi-custom cabinets are the perfect balance between stock and custom- allowing you a lot more flexibility in your choices of features and a shorter delivery time as well. Semi-custom cabinets are ideal for those who have a small kitchen or bathroom and don’t want to waste space on fillers. A disadvantage to semi-custom cabinets is that the level of quality can differ greatly among companies- so make sure to do your research beforehand. There also is a bit of a wait (usually around 4 weeks) for your cabinets to be completed depending on the amount of customizations.



Stock cabinets are made in bulk by manufacturers and are then readily available for immediate purchase or delivery. They are constructed to last a life time- however with the changes in home styles or your own personal taste in décor, you may not want to keep the same cabinets your entire life.

A benefit is the reasonable price and the quick delivery time or in-stock availability. Since many of the customization and ordering options are limited, stock cabinets are an easy way to get the job done fast. A disadvantage to stock cabinetry is that there are a limited number of colors, sizes, styles and finishes (since they are constructed before the customer places their order).  If the color or size doesn’t match exactly to your desire, you would need to re-paint or use filler strips to get the look and fit you want.


Ready-to-assemble (RTA)

RTA cabinets are a simple way to increase the value and look of your home without putting in a ton of money. Due to improvements in manufacturing, a decline in the economy and a new type of “DIY” culture, many cabinet manufacturers and homeowners alike are looking for cheaper alternatives when remodeling their home. There are now more companies producing and selling these RTA cabinets than ever before.

These ready-to-assemble cabinets are sold with all the hardware and assembly accessories needed for a consumer to easily assemble themselves. Usually the company will provide an instruction manual on their website, or you can find video instructions online at various home improvement websites or DIY blogs. If you would prefer to have a professional assemble them, or simply don’t have the time to do so yourself, that can be done as well.