How Home Décor Bloggers Use CS Hardware Products In DIY Projects


There was a time not too long ago when home décor updates and home renovations seemed to be the result of a mysterious and costly process involving expert contractors, expensive materials, and an unending, ever-expanding timeline. Thanks to the proliferation of online educational sources and the explosive growth of media outlets such as HGTV, the notion of “experts only” for home renovation has been replaced with a do-it-yourself mentality. Every day, more and more people are learning the skills to plan, develop, and execute complex projects in their home on their own.

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Ways to Use an Interior Rolling Barn Door Hardware Kit

There are so many creative ways to use interior rolling barn door hardware kits in your home. No matter your style we have something for you. With our kits all you have to pick is the rail size and which design works for you. Then go out and get the size and type of door you want. It’s simple and easy. Here are some more great ideas on how to use rolling doors in your home…

Open Concept Room Divider

Open concept homes can be great but sometimes you might be looking for a little bit of privacy for a conversation or perhaps you want to keep people out of the kitchen while you’re cooking. No matter the reasons sometimes it would be nice to close our open concept for a little while. A great way to do this is with a rolling barn door hardware kit!

rolling door 1

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CSH’s Rolling Barn Doors featured on Food Network’s ‘Save My Bakery’  

As featured on MyFixItUpLife, Custom Service Hardware got some love on the popular renovation-themed show ‘Save My Bakery’ on Food Network. In an episode entitled “Connection Disconnection”, up-and-coming bakery & tea room  Lori’s Sweet Sinsations got the upgrade treatment – in part with Rolling Barn Doors via CSH. Continue reading “CSH’s Rolling Barn Doors featured on Food Network’s ‘Save My Bakery’  “

Barn Door Hardware – Indoor vs. Outdoor Uses

Barn door hardware is gaining steam in the home design market as a great way to add a new look to your home. Often you'll see it pictured as an aesthetic new way to add a door or division inside your home. However, other people are installing heavy duty rolling doors that can work outside as well as inside. With a large selection of finishes and roller strap designs, you can create a rustic, medieval, classic, or other theme look to your space. Conceal a closet, customize the look of your room, or open up your space with a rolling barn door. Here we explore the ways you can use them inside your home or outdoors.


There are a variety places you can install rolling barn door hardware in your home. Create a seamless divide between your living room and dining room with a rolling door. This way you can leave the door open or closed depending on your mood, leaving the option for an open flow without a swung open door in the way. Rolling doors are also commonly chosen for bathroom doors. This saves space if you have a small bathroom. It can also make other rooms in your home feel more open or stylized. Conceal your laundry room with a rolling door, or use it to conceal a closet where your washer and dryer are stacked.


Heavy duty barn doors are meant to withstand elements or heavy use. Perhaps you have an actual barn, and you want to replace the current door with a more stylish yet functional model. In choosing a barn door hardware you can select unique and colorful roller straps to install along with your heavy duty rolling door. On the other hand, installing a rolling door to replace a traditional door will add character to your property. A new door for your pool room or guest house allows for easy access to high traffic areas. If you have larger property that boasts a boathouse or beach house, adding a rolling barn door provides unique styling and an opportunity for freshening up the look of an outdated structure.