Decorating Your Kitchen for the Holidays


p>As it gets closer to the holiday season, you will see more and more homes decorated for Christmas. While many households stick to decorating their living room, the kitchen is another place that will look great with a little holiday cheer. Decorating your kitchen can be fun, but make sure you don’t go too overboard- you still need to be able to cook and eat in that space. Here are a few easy ways to decorate your kitchen for the holidays.

christmas dishes(source)

Show off your holiday dishes or antiques. Usually these themed dishes are kept in storage all year long, so get some use out of them by displaying them during this time of the year. This is especially easy to do if you have cabinets with glass doors. If you have regular wooden cabinets, you can always put some of your favorite decorations on top of the cabinets as well.

cabinet garland(source)

Add garland. Garland (whether it”s fake or real) is a common way to spruce up any space for the holidays. The fake version is easier to clean up and can be used year after year, while the real version will bring a lovely scent to your kitchen. Try hanging it from your lighting (a chandelier looks lovely with a little decoration), hanging it from the edge of your tables or , or as an accent on your curtains. This is a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home. If you”re not into this type of garland, you can always make a festive popcorn garland or even hang snowflakes or cookie cutters from string as a cute DIY garland option.

kitchen ornaments(source)

Add ornaments. Ornaments aren”t just for the tree- they can be used virtually anywhere in your home. Opt for smaller ornaments for the kitchen. You can hang them on cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, above the sink, from a windowsill and much more. Choose sparkly or colorful ornaments to add some holiday color to your kitchen.

kitchen wreath()

Hang a wreath. Wreaths can be hung on pantry doors or any open wall space in the kitchen. This is a great way to decorate since it won”t take up space on the counters or tables and add clutter to the busy kitchen. Whether you like the more traditional pine wreath or a detailed Christmas wreath with bows and berries, it is a simple way to get int he holiday spirit.

christmas centerpiece(source)

Bring in a festive centerpiece. If you have your dining table in your kitchen, add a lovely centerpiece of poinsettias, ivy leaves, pine cones, berries, or whatever you please. If you don”t have a table, you can add a centerpiece to your windowsills or counter tops instead. Candles are also always a lovely option- whether you are burning them for scent or display them

just for looks. Let the kids make their own gingerbread house and use that as a centerpiece (if they can resist eating it!)

christmas kitchen towels(source)

Color coordinate your towels. If you”re not into decorating or simply don”t have the time, swapping out your traditional hand towels and table linens for red, white or green colored ones can make a huge difference. These can be reused year after year for the holiday season.

Christmas lights in kitchen (source)

Add Christmas lights. While many people save these for the tree or the outside of their house, you can bring in a small string of the lights into your kitchen. Find the nearest outlet and make sure that the lights are far enough out of the reach of children and won”t be near water. Hanging them around the edges of the counters, cabinets or over a window adds a nice holiday touch.

snowman fridge(source)

Decorate your refrigerator. Clear off the old magnets and papers and decorate your fridge for the holidays! Fun ideas include turning your refrigerator into a snowman, covering it with wrapping paper and a bow to resemble a present, or just adding fun holiday-themed magnets or drawings.

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel During the Holiday Season

Although there is no “ideal” time to remodel your kitchen, doing it right before the holidays can put some extra pressure on you and your family. Sometimes, remodels run a little longer than we expect or setbacks push the project back an entire season. When this happens, you have to adjust your plans and way of life around the remodel. With the holiday season right around the corner, it can be hard to balance a kitchen remodel and entertaining guests in your home. Here are a few tips for how to plan a kitchen remodel during the holiday season.

Find the right contractor. You should be upfront about your plans during the holidays and how the remodel may affect them. The contractor can try to work around your schedule or plan certain projects for certain days and weeks to avoid any catastrophes. Make sure you compare plans and prices as well, since you’ll be paying for the remodel during the holidays- which is typically when people spend the most money on gifts.

Plan ahead. Create a list of the projects you want done and when each should be completed. For example, if you are cooking the holiday dinner, make sure that all the appliances will be able to be reached and used in the midst of the chaos. Relocate any kitchen seating to another room for guests to relax, since the kitchen will be under construction. Keep track of the remodel’s progress on a calendar so you can see if the goals are being met on time.

Double-check your timing. Figure out which parts of the kitchen you want to be done with before guests come over for the holidays. For example, if you can live without your new floor tiles, save that project for after. However, if the cabinets are in terrible shape and you want them fixed before guests arrive, have that completed on time. You’ll have to make some sacrifices in terms of what gets done before and after the guests come. Prioritize what can be updated or changed easily to look better for the holidays, and then do the full remodel after they are over. Always allow time for mishaps and delays, since they are bound to happen.

Create a makeshift kitchen. If your kitchen remodel is so large that you won’t be able to use much of it, you’ll need to create a makeshift kitchen station in another room in your home. Move must-have items like the microwave, some type of refrigerator/freezer/cooler and commonly used tools to another room with an empty table or counter space. Take some of the stress off of yourself and ask others to cook dishes that will be difficult for you to do. If at all possible, make some food ahead of time and freeze or appropriately store it away until the holidays. This makes for one or two fewer things you have to do while your kitchen is under construction. Lastly, use paper goods instead of dishes- it will save you a lot of dish washing, especially if your sink is temporarily out of commission.