Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen provide plenty of storage space for your foods, cooking tools and more. The larger the cabinets, the more room you will have to store things. However, not every kitchen is large or has enough cabinets, and that is where proper organization comes into place. To effectively use your space for storage, you must organize your cabinets to the best of your ability.

First off, you should make a plan. Figure out what items you want to store in your kitchen and what items can go in a closet somewhere else. So many people keep things that don’t belong in the kitchen in that room, which just clutters up the closets, drawers and cabinets. Measure your cabinets so you will know which items can fit in which cabinets.

Next, it’s time to clean up. Remove all the contents of your cabinets so they are empty. Get rid of anything that is outdated, won’t be used, or unnecessary to have in the kitchen. Once you have whittled down your items to what you need, you can then plan where they will go. Taller items should go in the taller cabinets, for example. Items that are used more often than others should be placed in a cabinet that is easy-to-reach and close to the work area. Any pots, pans or food items that are rarely used can go further back or in harder-to-reach cabinets.

Pair similar items together. This will make things easier to find if it makes sense logically for them to be next to one another. This will save you time and prevent stress when cooking or baking. Moving everything around may be hectic at first, but after some time you will become accustomed to where everything is and be glad you reorganized your cabinets logically.

If your cabinets don’t have ample shelving, you should look into installing some. Cabinets without shelves or levels can waste useful space. Dividing your cabinets into smaller segments allows for more items to fit. Consider using containers as well to store loose or small items together. Anything that comes in an oddly-shaped box, jar or can may be moved into a square, stackable container so it will fit better.

If there is enough space in your cabinets, you can install a hanging rack on the inside of the cabinet door. Items like spices or measuring cups/spoons usually will fit in this space easily. This will help to free up space in your drawers and pantry as well.

4 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Utilizing the space of your cabinets is an easy and effective way to organize your kitchen. By simply adding a few accessories into your kitchen cabinets, you can maximize your storage space and keep all your items at an arm’s reach. Here is a list of a few of the products that can be used to help organize your kitchen.

tray dividers

Drawer Inserts & Dividers. Whether it”s a utensil drawer, a spice drawer or even the classic junk drawer, finding the item you”re looking for can sometimes be a difficult task. Drawer inserts help to separate the items into different sections based on similarity and size. Vertical dividers can be inserted into cabinet storage for separating plates, baking sheets and cutting boards to reduce clutter. A utensil tray organizes your cutlery and other items effectively, allowing you to find the specific item you need. Choose a tiered tray for perfect organization of small items, such as spices.

Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans are a functional and practical way to keep smaller items, such as spices or canned foods, organized. They are great for storage-especially in tricky corner spaces of a cabinet, and rotate with a smooth and quiet swivel.

mixer lift

Appliance Lifts. Appliance lifts (such as the popular mixer lift) save space by being stored away when not in use. Made with flexibility in mind, these lifts attach to any custom-made shelf. They rise effortlessly and securely lock into place when in use. These are a great alternative for products you may not use every day, since you need the space for items you use more frequently.

shelves in kitchen

Shelves. Shelving units help to divide the clutter into smaller segments, which ends up creating extra space for even more items. Try including shelving underneath the sink- metal shelves can be fitted around the plumbing to hold cleaning products and supplies.