How to Secure Valuables Inside Your Home

secure valuables in your home

Where do you keep your valuables? If they’re stashed in your dresser drawer, bedroom closet, or maybe even your freezer, they’re exactly where a thief will search first. Other places they’re sure to check are under your mattress, in medicine cabinets, inside toilet tanks, and in bookshelves (including false books). If you’re going to thwart a potential burglar, you’re going to have to do better.

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How to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins

Having someone break into your home is not a pleasant thought, but like having a spare tire in your car in case of a flat or a fire safe in your home in case of property damage, it’s smart to take precautions. You know you need to protect your home from a break in, but where do you start? And how much will it cost you? Won’t a determined enough burglar be able to break in no matter what you do? Not necessarily. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins”

What Is a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a type of sliding door that disappears into the adjacent wall when it is fully opened. They are commonly used for architectural purposes or to obtain a certain aesthetic for your home. You can typically see them installed in home offices, bathrooms, closets, pantries and laundry rooms. The tradition of pocket doors goes as far back as Victorian times, when they would close off certain areas from other rooms.

Pocket doors have many other benefits aside from their attractiveness. Using a pocket door versus a regular hinged door will free up a good amount of floor space. Since saving space in homes is a top concern among homeowners, the pocket door has grown in popularity. Pocket doors also therefore free up wall space that a hinged door would hide when open.

Even if your rooms are rather large, pocket doors still offer benefits. They create an elegant and interesting transition between the rooms in your home. They can even section off a private room that you want to appear more secluded.

Pocket doors can be easily customized to your liking. Single and double-door versions are used depending on the amount of space you have in your room. You can also customize the wood type/material and style of door you'd like, so it can look good in your home. The pocket door hardware you choose also can add interest to the doors.

Common pocket door hardware includes items such as hinge kits, door slides, overlay kits, shafts and more. These items are usually found at hardware stores and will replace or repair an old or broken pocket door. According to the DIY Network, the installation of a pocket door is estimated to take about 2 hours and will cost between $100 and $250. It's

a moderate level of difficulty, so you may want to call a professional to help.

Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

Fall is the perfect time to start planning and preparing your home for the upcoming winter season. With winter comes significantly cooler temperatures and poor weather conditions (snow, ice and freezing rain). This affects your water systems, heating systems and your home’s energy efficiency. Preparing a few months ahead of time is the best way to plan for a disaster before it happens and keep your home and family safe. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home for the winter season.

Update your water systems. Winterizing your water systems is an important task that most homes require in some form. These water systems that should be dealt with include faucets, sprinkler systems and pools. A home in a mild climate may not need their faucets to be dealt with, however colder regions may need some attention. In this case, shut off the water system and then pull off any attachments. Open up drain valve and leave the faucet in the open position for the winter season. For your sprinkler system, turn off the automatic timers first. Then open the pressure valves and drain out water from any section that might freeze. Lastly, if you have a pool you will need to do a few things. This includes removing any loose parts, lowering the water level and draining the pumping system.

Check windows and doors for drafts. In order to keep your heating bill from going off the charts, it’s important to check your windows and doors for drafts. Make sure that the edges of windows and doors are properly sealed and that the caulking has no cracks, gaps or holes. If they do, seal them with new caulking.

Inspect and clean your fireplace. In the warmer months, fireplaces are rarely used. Once winter rolls around and the temperatures begin to cool down, it becomes a frequently-used item in the home. During the fall, you should inspect and clean out your fireplace to make sure there is no build-up of debris. This debris, creosote, builds up and could start a chimney fire when you least expect it. Wood and gas fireplaces should also be swept once a year before winter and inspected as a precaution. This is also a great time to check for any cracks in the brick or mantle and have those repaired as well. Lastly, clean up any smoke marks or discoloration for a nice and clean appearance.

Inspect your furnace. Having a professional come in to service your furnace before winter is a very smart idea. They will clean various parts, check for carbon monoxide leaks and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Every few months you should change the air filters to keep the furnace clean year-round.

Mullion Cabinet Doors


Changing the look of your cabinets is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your kitchen. Whether you are painting the door fronts, adding some new hardware like knobs or refacing them, cabinets can easily be altered to fit your aesthetic. One option to give your cabinets a more high-end look is to insert mullion glass doors.

Mullion doors replace your solid door cabinets with glass. They feature a horizontal and vertical lined frame that is reminiscent of a window pane. Thin strips of wood are inserted between the panes of glass to divide the door into separate sections, sometimes referred to as grids. These doors make the content of your cabinets visible, which adds depth and beauty to your kitchen. It allows you to show some of your personality by displaying your favorite items that would otherwise be concealed by a solid cabinet door. The openness of the glass also can make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting.

Mullion doors casino online can be installed on almost any cabinet type, but it’s important to do some research beforehand. Take a look at what you will be storing in the particular cabinets. Items such as paper goods or medicines should be stored in regular cabinets. Dishes, glasses, decorative pieces and collectibles are ideal for mullion doors. Since you can see the contents through the glass, make sure the items are kept tidy and organized in a neat manner. A common option is to just make the corner cabinet into a mullion door for the special glassware (also known as an accent cabinet).

Another aspect to look at before installing your mullion doors is that the type of glass matches with the door style and wood type. Decorative door styles will look nice with a more intricate glass door, but contemporary kitchens look best with plain glass doors. The glass used in these doors is detachable so they can be cleaned as needed. The three common types of glass that are used in mullion doors include annealed, tempered and laminated glass.

Mullion glass doors are a simple way to change the look of your kitchen without a complete remodel. They allow you to customize the look of your cabinets to your liking. You can choose the size and design of the grids to add depth and beauty to your kitchen. Popular styles include a simple grid shape, an “X” style, a crisscross style and circular shapes.  The options are endless when you decide to change the look of your kitchen cabinets with mullion doors.

Different Styles of Cabinet Doors

The doors of your cabinets are one of the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen or bathroom. Doors not only add function to your cabinets, but add beauty as well. There are a wide variety of styles, colors and types of doors available when remodeling your home. Here are a few of the most popular styles of cabinet doors.

Shaker- Shaker style cabinet doorsfocus on simplicity and tradition. They are characterized by raised square-paneled door fronts with matching square corners. The edges are sharp and defined with no fancy curves or details. The square doors lay flat against the cabinets for a clean look.

Full overlay- Full overlay cabinet doors are designed so that the door and drawer fronts completely cover the face frames. When they are closed, no part of the frame is exposed, including the hinges. There is usually no more than 1/8” space between the doors and drawers, so knobs and pulls are required to open the cabinets. This type of cabinet door gives a contemporary look to your space.

Half overlay- This type of door isalso commonly referred to as a regular, traditional, standard or partial overlay door. A half overlay door covers approximately ½” over the framework of the cabinet door. The hardware is therefore exposed on the exterior framework. It is an inexpensive option since less material is used, which adds to the popularity of the style.

Framed- In this type of cabinet door, a wood frame is attached to the inside of the cabinet box. This provides support for the cabinet and is very sturdy. Framed cabinet doors give a more traditional look to your kitchen or bathroom.

Mullion- Mullion cabinet fronts feature glass doors with a horizontal and vertical lined frame which replaces the solid door. It is reminiscent of a window pane. The panel is divided into separate sections, sometimes referred to as grids. These doors make the contents of your cabinets visible, adding depth and beauty to your cabinets.

Raised panel- On this type of door,the panel protrudes slightly and is often accompanied with a matching raised panel around the door’s perimeter. Raised panel cabinet fronts require high quality craftsmanship to ensure that the doors are integrated into the cabinet box. A popular type of raised panel door is the cathedral style. This door stylegives an elegant look with their Neo Gothic design. They feature an exaggerated arch at the top of the raised panel, which is usually used on the upper cabinets.

Recessed panel- On this type of door, the panel is sunk back into the cabinet door, which creates a sunken lip around the door’s perimeter. Recessed panel cabinet doors add more depth to your room and will give your cabinets another dimension.

Slab- Slab doors are constructed from a single flat piece of material- usually wood, laminate or steel. There are no raised or recessed parts, which provides a simple design with clean lines to blend with your home’s style. This type of cabinet door adds a contemporary look to your room.