Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2024

Galaxy Timber Kitchen Cabinets Wood

Kitchen color and kitchen cabinets trends for 2024 keep things warm and natural. Find the perfect kitchen cabinets at Custom Service Hardware. We offer several lines of on-trend kitchen cabinets in ready-to-assemble and already-assembled versions. If you’re upgrading or remodeling your kitchen for 2024, you’ll find the high-quality cabinets you want among our collections. Kitchen […]

Slab Front Gloss Cabinets: 2024 Cabinet Trend Watch

Illume Gloss Grigio Matte Bianco Kitchen Cabinets

The smooth, frameless surface and reflective quality of slab front gloss cabinets make them a perfect choice for modern or European-style kitchens. As we step into 2024, one kitchen trend that captivates homeowners and designers alike is the resurgence of slab front gloss cabinets. This modern and sleek design choice offers a blend of sophistication […]