Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2024

Galaxy Timber Kitchen Cabinets Wood

Kitchen color and kitchen cabinets trends for 2024 keep things warm and natural. Find the perfect kitchen cabinets at Custom Service Hardware. We offer several lines of on-trend kitchen cabinets in ready-to-assemble and already-assembled versions. If you’re upgrading or remodeling your kitchen for 2024, you’ll find the high-quality cabinets you want among our collections.

Kitchen and Kitchen Color Trends from 2023 That Stay

Last year, kitchen trends started to move away from the long-popular pure white motif and migrate into more natural and woodsy tones and materials. The darker, “moody” kitchen caught on in 2023, ushering in forest and sage greens, stony grays, and rich blues. These deep wall or backsplash tones mixed with lighter wood cabinets and kitchen islands to create kitchens that gave off serene, welcoming vibes. This 2023 trend of the kitchen being a central sanctuary of the home rather than just a popular gathering place will stay on top of the color and cabinet trends for 2024.

Are white kitchens still in?

White kitchens are still in for 2024, although the shades of white are trending toward warmer undertones. For 2024, whites that deliver a nice glow, as opposed to the stark whites of years past, dominate the color palette. Think of mushroom whites, off-whites, and creamy farmhouse whites as the go-tos for creating a soothing, natural-feeling kitchen. Look at the Allure Imperio Dove White series or the Yarmouth line from JSI Cabinetry.

JSI Yarmouth White Kitchen Cabinets

Are blue and green kitchen cabinets still popular?

Blue and green kitchen cabinets are still popular for 2024. Designers are predicting these colors will trend for awhile, with homeowners getting more experimental and branching out into these color spectrums. 2024 is the year of bold, statement blues and greens as well as the time to choose hints of these tones to add a serene, watery ambience to your kitchen space. Any blue or green shades that help create a sense of balance remain on trend for 2024. For blue cabinets, look at the Galaxy Indigo or Luna Indigo series by Fabuwood.

Luna Indigo Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2024

The top new kitchen trends for 2024 include:

  • Wood cabinets
  • Eat-in kitchen islands
  • Nature-focused hues

What Kitchen Cabinets Are in Style for 2024: Wood and Visible Wood Grain

Wood and wood-toned cabinets started an uptick in popularity last year as people started creating moody kitchens with serene forest vibes. 2o24 is the year these cabinets dominate kitchen trends as people look towards building more nature-toned kitchens that invite a sense of calm and natural beauty. Custom Service Hardware offers an entire collection of stained wood cabinets that range from rich, deep browns to the bright character of freshly cut timber.

Galaxy Timber Kitchen Cabinets

Here are a few series we suggest for homeowners looking for wood and visible wood grain kitchen cabinets. These options are a good starting point as you’re browsing for ideas:

  • Sunnywood’s Grand Haven Series. A dark brown stain on distressed maple gives you both texture and a rich, woodsy feel.
  • The Regal Oak Series from GHI Cabinetry. Warm oaks are making a comeback this year, and this golden-toned cabinet series blends traditional style with modern looks. 
  • Fabuwood’s Fusion Kona Series. Our stained Kona finish accentuates each cabinet’s unique wood grain in a beautiful shade of walnut brown.
  • The Galaxy Timber Series from Fabuwood. Simple and elegant, this line delivers the clean feeling of freshly cut wood and adds an authentic natural element to your kitchen.

Eat-in Kitchen Islands

Conversation-piece kitchen islands are all the rage for 2024, and today’s kitchen island is a combination eating area, prep area, and hangout. Creating a focal-point eat-in kitchen island that includes seating is simple: Choose the base cabinets or vanity base cabinet you want from any of our series, then make a few modifications to include room for seats. You’ll want to add a countertop with an overhang so the chairs or stools can slide underneath and provide leg room. If you don’t want to DIY your eat-in kitchen island, hiring a professional is a great alternative.

The statement kitchen islands appearing in 2024 feature communal seating arrangements, warm woods, accent colors and mixed materials, and ornate lighting. Gold and gold-toned hardware on kitchen islands is another trend to watch for 2024.

Kitchens with Nature-Focused Hues

Kitchens with nature-focused hues are in and in big for 2024. Build your new kitchen starting with stained wood cabinet options from Custom Service Hardware. Our collection presents the gamut of beautiful, natural tones, perfect for any modern kitchen makeover. Mixed materials—like balancing wood cabinets with stone hardware, grass décor accents, or foliage along shelving—help bring together the trending whites, blues, greens, and nature-themed color palettes popular for 2024. Browse our decorative pulls to find nature-inspired hardware to complete your look.

Update Your Kitchen with Products from Custom Service Hardware

We’re excited about kitchen and kitchen cabinet trends for 2024, and we’re happy to talk with you about high-quality Custom Service Hardware products. If you’re building or remodeling, reach out to us to talk about ready-to-assemble or assembled kitchen cabinets that will best fit your vision and budget. We’re also here to help direct you to hardware or essentials you’ll need to finish the job. Give us a call at 262-375-7960. We offer live support Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm CST, or you can always send us a message through our contact form.