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Ideas for Bathroom Shelving

One of the easiest ways to increase the storage space and enhance the look of your bathroom is with the proper shelving. Even if you have a very small bathroom, there is usually some extra wall space or floor space that you can make the most of. Traditional shelving usually takes up too much space, so here are a few alternative ideas for your bathroom shelving.

ladder shelving


Rolling ladders. Rolling ladders are a great way to store linens, soaps, toilet paper and other necessary toiletries. Or you could display your favorite candles or potpourri and make the ladder a more decorative piece rather than a functional one.

medicine cabinet shelves


Vanity shelving. Bathroom vanity cabinets offer more than just a mirror to use for daily grooming, they also function as a built-in shelving unit. You can store all your smaller necessities (skincare products, makeup, or even medicine) so they are at an easy reach. Since these vanities are covered by a door, you don't have to worry about guests seeing all of your toiletries out in the open.

recessed shelves


Recessed shelves. Recessed shelves make the most of your small space since they don't jut out from the wall. Keep your towels and toiletries packed away and organized easily with this type of shelving.

floating shelves


Floating shelves. Floating shelves add a handsome decor to your bathroom while providing a place to store your favorite items. Make sure that you install the shelves at a height that is easy for most people to reach, since these shelves aren't just for looks.

roll-out shelves


Roll-out shelves. Roll-out shelves can help to simplify your storage needs as well. Simply install them into your existing cabinets or pantry and place your necessities inside. These pull-out shelves usually include dividers or tiers so you can get the most storage space out of the shelves.

drawer shelf


An old drawer. If you have an old drawer laying around, you can repurpose it into a shelf for your bathroom. You may have to repaint or sand the drawer or line the inside to make it appear cleaner and nicer, but that is a simple and affordable update. After sprucing up the drawer, hang it on your wall using hardware and place a few items on the new shelf. If needed, add some drawer dividers at different heights to store both tall and short items.

corner shelving


Corner shelving. The corners of bathrooms are one of the most ignored spaces in the home. If they are empty, try installing a shelving unit specifically made to fit corners. This makes the most of every crevice in your bathroom and makes those awkward spaces stand out- in a good way.

toilet shelving


Toilet shelving. The space above your toilet is usually either bare or dedicated to a piece of artwork. Why not use this empty space to store washcloths, cleaning products or grooming tools? There are a variety of shelving types that will work in this space, including wire racks, standing shelves and more.

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