Why We Love Blum Hinges

Innovative, elegant, and effortless, Blum hinges have become one of the most popular upgrades for remodeling home kitchen cabinets. Having been in the business for over 60 years, Blum is one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry. Now, with their leading-edge Blumotion design, Blum hinges are one of the most in-demand features for a beautifully functional kitchen.


Blum knows kitchens, and they design their products with the vision of maximizing your kitchen’s potential. Studying the workflow of kitchen users, Blum’s designs encourage better work flow with a focus on streamlined ergonomic interfacing with your kitchen hardware.

One of our favorites in 2014, Blum Aventos Cabinet Doors Lift Systems are a particularly innovative kitchen cabinet feature: for cabinets parallel to countertops, these lift systems provide effortless opening, closing, and stopping. We offer a wide selection of Blum Aventos lift system packages, as well as individual parts and components.

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Organizing Cabinets & Shelves: In The Kitchen

With the holiday cooking season upon us, it’s time to make the most of the space we have available. This week we focus on kitchen cabinets and shelving, next week closet storage space.

Being organized has its advantages, all throughout your home.

“Finally, all done with cooking – now where is that glass container? What about the cinnamon — there it is, oh wait, it’s cumin!” Sound familiar? Then it’s time to get organized.

Remodeling or upgrading kitchen cabinets is a great step towards perfecting your home’s kitchen, but having a functional workspace to craft your culinary concoctions is indispensable. This week we want to feature some great ways to streamline your kitchen cabinets and shelving – the more focus is on the joy of cooking, and the less on where the utensils are, the better. Especially if you’ve got a house full of family – or will be cooking for one!


Cabinet Door Storage Trays / Bins

With a little bit of effort, cabinet space can be maximized – using both the interior as well as the door. These white storage trays are an example of either direct mounting or using convenient accessory brackets.

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Decoding Door Hinges: Metal Installation and Terms

We’ve written about hinges in the past, mostly focusing on the different types of hinges and how you can use them in your home. Whether you’re installing new cabinet door hinges in your kitchen or need to replace old hinges on a bedroom door, the extensive options can sometimes feel overwhelming. Today we’re looking at some more specific aspects of installing hinges on metal doors instead of traditional wood, as well as what certain terms like “fire rated” mean.

Installing on Metal

You’re more likely to see metal doors in commercial uses, such as businesses, medical clean rooms, and exterior home doors. However, there are smaller scale uses for hinges on metal doors, such as a safe or metal cabinet. Continue reading “Decoding Door Hinges: Metal Installation and Terms”

Spotlight On: Cabinet Door Hinge Finials

Custom Service Hardware has always had a great selection of cabinet door hinges. Recently, that selection has expanded with some great new hinge styles as well as finial and ball tips you can buy separately. Finials and ball tips offer a fun way to add character to the door hinges, or to replace old and unattractive tips. Below we’ll look at the array of new tips available and the different ways to use them.

Whether you want traditional or contemporary styling, you can find the right aesthetic ball tip or finial for your hinges. These tips are completely interchangeable on door hinges, so there’s no worry about selecting the right size. Maybe you want an edgier style to decorate your cabinet door hinges, or maybe you’d prefer something sleek and classy. CSH has finials and ball tips in a full range of finishes, which gives you the option to match the tip exactly or contrast the colors on purpose. For rounded tops, if safety is a priority, ball tips and acorn tips are a good choice. For a more decorative turn, there are ornate tips, steeple tips, urn tips, and more.

While ball tips and finials offer so much in the way of finishes and styles, they do serve a very important function. These tips are threaded into the top and bottom of a hinges, which prevents the pin holding the hinge together from rising out over time. These tips are roulette interchangeable for door hinges, as stated above, but if you need to exchange your hinge pin that needs to be measured precisely. Use a size conversion chart when putting in a new pin for your hinges.

Easy Cabinet Updates

Updating your home cabinet doors with new hinges or decorative hardware is a cost effective way to transform the look of the room. Choosing to switch out ball tips or finials can keep door hinges looking fresh without having to replace the entire hinge. Replacing hinges can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to exchange different styles of hinges. (However if you’re going down that route, check out our post for advice!) Instead, you’ll just replace a small piece that will only take minutes instead of hours of research and labor. Additionally, selecting some fresh new decorative door knobs or pulls can add to the new look of your cabinets.

Different Hinges for Different Needs

Cabinet door hinges are a key piece of hardware that carry the power of function and aesthetics at the same time. Homeowners absolutely need hinges to swing their home doors, cabinet doors, and other pieces of furniture, but they don’t strictly offer functional utility. Thousands upon thousands of hinges exist in different finishes and styles which makes choosing a hinge a very personal experience. While someone can make a quick and easy selection of basic plain hinges, customers have the option of choosing something more specific to the entire look and flow of their home. Consider the many ways you can incorporate hinges – from different styles, to different pieces of hardware in the home.

Decorative hinges

Cabinets are everywhere in most homes. People use them to store toiletries in the bathroom, food in the kitchen, and other various storage points. And it doesn’t just stop at the home – cabinets are used in office kitchens, work rooms and more. Cabinet door hinges can add a great deal of character to a room. Instead of having them be hidden or plain, decorative hinges allow for some fun. Whether you just want a soft, antique design, or you want your bright copper finish to stand out, you can find the right decorative hinge at a variety of price ranges.

Concealed hinges

Traditional concealed hinges are relatively easy to install and they keep the aesthetics of your cabinets intact without any sign of the mechanism inside. Some concealed hinges require additional work, drilling a recess for the hinge position in the door. However others are incredibly cheap and simple to install, and they are completely invisible when Now it seems that certain from the world’s most populated nations and residential to more deep-pocketed bettors is placed to (finally!) get immediate access to Macau, giving city’s best casinos online much more reason to welcome people from other countries with open arms. the door is closed. If you want to go a fancier route, choose Soss hinges, which offers solid installation for inset doors, but they’re equally as invisible when the cabinet doors are shut. Some Soss hinges also offer the benefit of spring closing, removing the fear of slamming your door too often.

Self closing hinges

Instead of focusing on aesthetics (or the lack thereof), making the cabinet doors easy to open and close may be your priority. Youngdale produces self-closing hinges that fit both overlay and lip inset cabinet styles. This type of hinge is easier to install compared to other European style hinges. While not completely hidden from view, Youngdale hinges are mostly concealed once installed when the cabinet door is shut.

AVENTOS lift hinges

Choose a truly modern hinge system for your cabinets with the AVENTOS lift hinges. Instead of opening doors side by side, this system lets you access your upper cabinets with ease by lifting one panel above the cabinets. This lift system creates a more modern feel to any home, given the single panel lift. Customers can typically choose between wood and aluminum, so you can still craft your cabinets in the style you prefer.

How to Fix Broken Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawers see a lot of activity over the years. Whether they’re holding kitchen supplies, hardware tools, or an assortment of random items, drawers bear a great deal of a weight and haphazard use. One day the drawer starts to jam or bind, makes a grinding noise or just plum won’t budge. At that point, it’s clear that you need to investigate and fix the problem with your drawer slides. It’s easy for a misguided slamming of a drawer or general overuse to cause the drawers to stop working properly. Learn about the common problems that break down drawer slides and how to remedy these issues with some easy fixes.

Bent or misshapen sections

After emptying the content of your drawers and carefully removing the drawer itself, examine the slides. If you see any bent or misshapen spots, look at the extent of the damage. Often times, the bend can be smoothed out by re-shaping the slide. First you’ll have to carefully remove the slides from the drawer and drawer box. Use pliers to reshape the drawer slides and smooth out any warped areas. Clean and replace the slides, and you should have a functioning drawer again.

Loose screws

Screws can often come loose over time. When drawer slides aren’t attached to the sides (or bottom) of your drawer properly, the drawer won’t move smoothly anymore. Consider the condition of your drawer slides before pursuing this next step. If they’re in good condition and the screws are the sole problem, get some wood glue before re-tightening the screws. Put some wood glue in the whole and tighten the screws for a seamless and secure attachment.

Use cleaner

Drawer slides gather dust and debris just like all the other forgotten crevices in your home. Maybe the drawers aren’t sliding in and out as easily as before. If there is no major damage to be discovered, the drawer slides might just need some cleaning. Remove the drawer box and examine the slides. Use a basic cleaning spray and a rag to wipe down the slides and ensure they’re clean. Your drawers should be running smoothly after that.

Roller wheels

The roller wheels to the slides are essential for smooth running, especially with soft-closing or self-close drawer slides. If the wheels are just roughed up or mildly damaged, some grease and cleaning should put the wheel back into to normal rolling shape. However if the wheel has been worn down to a more flat edge, or if it’s completely broken, you’ll need to completely replace your drawer slides. The roller wheels are riveted to the body of the slide and cannot be replaced individually.

Replacing Cabinet Hinges

Whether the hinges on your kitchen cabinet doors have rusted away or they just need an upgrade, the process requires some research and preparation. First off, you need to remove the current hinges. Use care if they are rusty and old, and discard the old hinge, mounting plates and screws. Read on to learn more about replacing your cabinet door hinges, whether you're choosing the same style or a new style of hinge.

Replacing with similar type hinges

If you're choosing a similar or the same style hinge, you only need to do a few things to prep the cabinet doors. See if the holes on the new hinges are aligned the same and ensure you have the correct screws. Repaint the doors before installing the new hinges. You'll need assistance to hold the cabinet door against the frame to screw the new hinges on. Replacing hinges with existing holes won't take more than an hour for even a novice carpenter. Changing your hinges to better match your kitchen decor or to replace rusted out ones is a great way to enhance your kitchen cabinets with ease. Consider an antique or polished brass finish on your hinge for a rustic look. Or keep the focus on your attractive doors with concealed hinges.

Polished Brass Semi-Concealed Hinge

Replacing with a different type of hinge

On the other hand, if you're installing a brand new style of hinge for your kitchen cabinet door, more preparation is required. Say you currently have basic butt hinges on your doors, but you want to replace them with more discrete concealed hinges. Butt hinges don't extend as far as concealed hinges with mounting plates. Take care to still align the hinges the same as your old hinges. Use a pencil and ruler to mark a line on the cabinet frame from the holes of the old hinge, making it a bit longer than the new hinge. This will aid you in aligning the door back onto the cabinet. Whether you're lining the hinge up directly in the same spot, or higher or lower, this process offers precise results. If necessary, you'll need a hinge-cutting bit to drill a new recess to install the hinge in a different spot.

Polished Chrome Hinge with Ball Finial

When the new hinges are installed, you get to enjoy a functional and aesthetic new look. Make sure to open and close your cabinet door several times to ensure the hinges are positioned properly and at the right level. The best part about replacing hinges is that it allows you to clean out your cabinets and update them if you so choose. Consider new pulls or knobs as well to complete the transformation.

All About Cabinet Door Hinges

Hinges may seem like just a small factor when putting together the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but in reality there are a variety of styles to consider. Whether you want to add character with a specific look or finish or create an invisible seamless design, you can find the right cabinet door hinges that suit your needs for your kitchen or room.

The Most Common Hinges

A commonly used hinge for cabinet and other doors is called the butt hinge. This simple rectangular design performs well for both interior and exterior applications. You can find variety in finial types, with either a minarette style or round ball style. This is the most common type of hinge due to its simplicity of design, its availability in a large selection of finishes and its easy installation. Butt hinges are also very reliable and sturdy for long term use.

Concealed Hinges

Soss hinges are named for their inventor, Joseph Soss. These hinges are more expensive than most, but they are completely invisible when cabinet doors are closed. Great care is necessary when installing these hinges because they need to be lined up perfectly with each other to be fully concealed when closed.

There are other concealed cabinet hinge options beyond Soss hinges. There is a wide selection, as well as a broader price range, of concealed hinges of different designs. There are hinge styles in the $1 to $10 range for ultimate savings. If you're looking for a less expensive investment, there are a variety of choices. Both self closing and soft closing hinge options are available, as well as any opening angle from 30 degrees to 170 degrees.


If you're in the market for easy, self-closing cabinet doors, then consider purchasing Youngdale hinges for your home. These Europeanstyle hinges are great for overlay and partial inset doors. While not completely concealed, they are mostly concealed when the cabinet door is closed. Youngdale hinges are typically easy to install and can be mounted on both face frame and frameless cabinets.

Decorative Hinges

Hinges aren't all about secrecy! Sometimes you want the whole world — or at least whoever is in your kitchen — to see and enjoy your cabinet hinges. If that's your goal, then you should look for decorative door hinges. Decorative hinges are available in just about any finish. Consider a butterfly style or other face mount hinge as an accent to the theme or coloring the room. Adding both a functional and stylish element to your cabinets is a great way to have fun with cabinet installation or hinge replacement.