How to Secure Valuables Inside Your Home

secure valuables in your home

Where do you keep your valuables? If they’re stashed in your dresser drawer, bedroom closet, or maybe even your freezer, they’re exactly where a thief will search first. Other places they’re sure to check are under your mattress, in medicine cabinets, inside toilet tanks, and in bookshelves (including false books). If you’re going to thwart a potential burglar, you’re going to have to do better.

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Hidden Bookcase Door: Create & Live In Your Own Mystery Story

Ever wanted a secret passage in your home? Check out these Hidden Bookcase Doors.

Some of us love the very thought of hiding places and hidden spaces. Here’s a chance for the mystery lover we all know to bring that bit of fantasy into their home. Where would your secret door take you—to your own personal writing room? The survivalists among us could develop a “safe room” or “panic room.” Perhaps you have a secret treasure, or the details of an ominous inheritance or family secret. Got a skeleton that needs a closet?

The InvisiDoor hidden Bi-fold Bookcase Door can not only house your favorite mystery books, but can become part of the mystery itself – talk about setting the tone or having a theme for your room!

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Hidden Door Storage: More Ways to Conceal

In the DIY and home construction world, you can almost guarantee that anything you dream up will become a reality. This is especially true when it comes to specialty and hidden storage. False drawer bottoms, removable panels in the floor boards, or secret spots. Creating a storage space in your home that is hidden in plain sight can offer security and peace of mind.

From small hidden pieces to whole secret rooms, people have been creating unique designs for homes for a very long time. There are even entire homes, like this brownstone below, created as a fake front for managing subway train lines!

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