They liked it—You will too!!

Fix It & Finish It is a TV show in which a team of remodelers will go into a house and remodel one room for the home owners. On Tuesday’s episode (which will also be aired on March 4 and June 29), Fix It & Finish It remodeled a couple’s master bedroom using a rolling ladder hardware kit that they received from Custom Service Hardware. The tiny bedroom was in desperate need of Continue reading “They liked it—You will too!!”

8 Clever Ways To Use A Rolling Library Ladder – All Over The House

Time to go above and beyond library walls.

The classic rolling library ladder often evokes images of majestic libraries, full of epic bookshelves, and maybe Belle sing-songing about escaping her provincial life. But they can be used for a great variety of purposes – from straight utilitarian practicality, or adding a unique sense of design and room architecture. You may even be able to combine the two; let’s browse how a rolling library ladder could be just the right addition for your room. (Note: all photos were customer submitted!) Continue reading “8 Clever Ways To Use A Rolling Library Ladder – All Over The House”

Making the Rounds: CSH’s Recent Collaborations

Custom Service Hardware is a company that believes in providing high quality customer service as much as we believe in selling top notch hardware. We’ve embarked on many collaborations over the years with charities, new businesses, home bloggers, and more. Here’s a look at some of the great projects we’ve contributed our hardware to recently!

Making It Lovely

Nicole from the blog Making It Lovely has a gorgeous Victorian home. We were in touch with her when she was in the early stages of planning floor to ceiling bookshelves and envisioning a rolling ladder. We decided to help her out in the ladder department, and the results couldn’t have been more amazing!

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Rolling Library Ladders are Taking Over

The rolling library ladder is so much more than its name these days. You’ll find people installing ladders in their homes, in their businesses, and more due to their aesthetic appeal and great function. Depending on the amount of space in your home, you could conceivably install a library ladder just about anywhere. Look at all the different ways our ladder hardware is being used below!

Contractors love our ladder hardware. It’s easy to install and we offer a variety of custom options. Best of all, our library ladders are manufactured in the USA, making it an attractive purchase for those looking to support domestic production. This rolling library ladder comes with our Quiet Glide technology, which ensures a smooth ride however you need to use it. We had the ladder on display at the International Builders’ Show and created a video to show the ladder in action.

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CSH Steps Up with a Library Ladder for the Room to Dream Foundation

Last fall CS Hardware answered the call for a rolling library ladder needed to help outfit rooms for a family and their daughter who is living with a chronic illness. The Room to Dream Foundation was getting started on a new project for a child in need, and they contacted CS Hardware to get involved. Sydni, a young girl tackling a chronic illness, and her family, received a great home makeover with three re-vamped bedrooms. The bedroom CS Hardware worked on is a room with bunk beds for two children, which needing a rolling library ladder for easy access. Kids love having bunk beds and sharing a room with their siblings when they’re growing up. (Then of course, we all reach that age where “space” becomes paramount.)


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What You Don’t Know About Rolling Library Ladders

The term “rolling library ladder” may conjure up some antique visuals. Ladders rolling on long tracks throughout cavernous library rooms; an old mansion’s designated library with a propped ladder near the shelf. The truth is that rolling ladders have moved beyond the library. The term may still apply to the hardware, but the implementation can be just about whatever you can imagine. While less common in the US, in other countries building up instead of out is more logical. So if you’re thinking of a way to expand that only requires a ladder instead extra square footage, you can save time and money.

Commercial Uses

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