The 2016 Custom Service Hardware Catalog!

Custom Service Hardware has strived for excellence in quality and customer service since 1977, when founder Frank Rasmussen prepared the very first catalog by hand. Today, CSH is a staple in the wholesale hardware industry, supplying over 50,000 products to builders, contractors, and homeowners around the world. And even though the world and everything in it moves a lot faster than it did in the Seventies, we like to stay close to our roots.

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Introducing the NEW Wide Quiet Glide Rolling Ladders & RTA InvisiDoor

Rolling ladders can add a classy and elegant touch to any home library or den. CS Hardware is the leading manufacturer of rolling library ladders and hardware kits in the United States, and considering their success and increasing popularity, we now offer a wider 20-inch version of our rolling ladders! Continue reading “Introducing the NEW Wide Quiet Glide Rolling Ladders & RTA InvisiDoor”

All About Closet Hardware

The walk-in closet is a dream to many people, because it means having all the space in the world to organize AND stylize their apparel. You can enjoy ultimate closet style without having the big closet if you find the right closet hardware. Here we breakdown the pieces you can buy to make the most of your closet space – no matter how much or how little you have to work with.

Pull Down Rods


For those who can’t reach the top of tall closets, pull down rods allow for making use of all the closet space you have. Closet rods are a unique installation, and they are side-mounted. The pull-down rods are a full system with two side rods and a center rod that can be used for lowering the closet rod. The rods come with a telescoping handle and rod that can accommodate custom lengths and widths. Note that a minimum of 14″ closet depth is needed to install.

Shoe and Pant Storage


Shoe and pant storage usually come in the form of hardware that can be added to a closet system or installed in a closet separately. Utilizing shoe storage is a way to consolidate shoes without sacrificing space. Easy shoe storage systems involve door hang racks and plastic hanging pockets as a stand-alone solution. However you can also choose railing that can be installed on a section of your closet system to keep shoes in place.

Pant racks typically are rods combined on a rack that extends on a drawer slide style track. You can usually install it within a closet that fits the proper width.  The application can also apply to dish rags and similar hanging fabric.

Storage Pullouts


Easy pullout storage can be used for towels, jewelry, and other small items that can be installed in conjunction with a closet space. These kinds of pullouts often run on drawer slides and can be installed in the upper half of a tall closet, thus making use of otherwise empty space. Pullout baskets, pullout rods, and jewelry drawer pullouts can all be used in closet organization.


5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

This is a guest post provided by Rianne Hunter.

Winter can be a wonderland for those living in the north. However, that wonderland is often accompanied by less than wonderful conditions. A home is especially vulnerable to damage throughout the frigid months of winter, but there are plenty of ways to prepare for potential disaster.

Furnace Maintenance

The furnace is one appliance that no one in colder climes can live without. This is not just a luxury. Residents must keep their homes heated as a matter of survival. That is exactly why furnace maintenance is so important. Autumn is a great time to begin your preparations for winter. It is also the perfect time to schedule a routine furnace inspection to ensure that no malfunctions occur when a constant supply of heat is needed most.

Seal All Windows And Doors

When it comes to getting ready for winter, from Anchorage to Boston home improvement is no joke. This is especially true when winter rears its ugly head. Cold air can get into your home through many sources. Windows and doors must be sealed properly to keep your home warm and reduce your electric bill. Leaky windows and doors cause drafts that force your furnace to work overtime in an attempt to maintain a specific temperature.

Protect Your Plumbing

Just like the doors and windows, the plumbing of your home must also be inspected to prevent winter damage. If water pipes are not insulated properly, then they can burst. A burst pipe can cause serious damage to a home at a time when home repairs are the most difficult to perform.

Prune Overhanging Trees

Defending your home from the dangers of winter can extend beyond the walls of the home itself. The property outside must also be prepped. Winter weather will often cause damage to trees. A falling branch can puncture the roof, damage the walls and even break windows. It is important to prune any trees that stand close to the structure of your home.

Prepare Your Tools

Now that most of the major maintenance tasks have been performed, it is time to arm yourself. Check all winter tools, such as snow blowers, shovels and axes. You should replace any worn or broken tools so that you are better prepared to deal with any heavy snow storms. It is also a good idea to drain the gasoline from your lawnmower and any other appliances that will remain unused throughout the winter months.

These five maintenance tips will help the winter months to pass without a hitch. The key to surviving a winter is to be prepared. Stock up on canned food and emergency supplies before a major snow storm before a major snow storm has a chance to sneak up on you.