Is your Home Door Properly Secure?

Proper home security is, as with many things, in the eye of the beholder – whether the beholder is the good guy on the inside or the bad guy on the outside. One thing all the experts agree on: All exterior doors should be fortified, especially secluded doors. You can do simple things as a home is being build or remodeled. There are fortified door knob adapter plates and door reinforcers, or strike plates and latch guards. With existing doors, you can add dead bolts, latches and guards – and for windows and sliding glass doors, you can easily add patio and window locks.

For more information about home security measures, there are plenty of good websites. One we like is, a website Certified by the Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards for Police Academies/General Public.

Our Door Security Hardware

We at Custom Service Hardware carry a trusted line of door security hardware from online casino First Watch Security, who have been manufacturing home security products since 1959. Whether it is for the home, or for the office, our door security products have a history of making doors harder to break into and people feel safer.

The first step, remember, is deciding on the level of door security you are comfortable with. And, also remember, if you’re looking for home door security hardware, think Custom Service Hardware!