Wine Storage Ideas

Whether you have an entire basement or just a small corner in the kitchen, you can easily show off your wine collection with the right form of storage. Avid collectors may dedicated an entire room solely to show off their collection, while others have specialty storage in their kitchen for their favorites.

When deciding which type and level of storage you will bring into your home, you must take a variety of factors into consideration. First, you need to clear out and find a space to fit your collection. Popular areas include the kitchen, the living room or a wine cellar (for larger collections). Then you have to choose what type of storage you'd like. Popular storage ideas include wine closets/pantries, lattice wine racks, bottle racks, X-racks and more. Lastly, decide which wines are to be consumed soon and which should be stored for long-term aging. Keep popular wines out in the open for guests, and store finer wines for special occasions in another place. Remember that factors such as light, humidity and temperature affect the wine's condition, so keep that in mind when choosing storage spaces.

Here are a few of my favorite wine storage ideas.

This interesting and unique wine holder is made from PVC pipes. Not only does it provide storage for your favorite wines, but it also serves as a decor piece. Learn how to DIY one of these yourself here on Houzz.

lattice wine rack
These lattice wine racks are a great option for kitchens. They easily fit in an empty space or where a cabinet would be installed. Add a stemware rack underneath to store wine glasses and you have your own mini bar right at your fingertips!

wine x racks
These “X” racks store a few of your favorite bottles. These innovative wine storage racks are great for a kitchen or living room area where guests can clearly see your selection of wine. They take up very little space and fit wonderfully in a corner or bare space in your home.

If you have an empty closet or pantry space that's not currently in use, why not convert it into a wine closet? This saves space and money and provides you with plenty of space for storing wines by type, age, etc. Dividers, shelves and drawers help to easily separate wines, wine glasses and other necessities. See more inspiration here at Houzz.

Houzz features a variety of unique and cool wine cellars as inspiration. Try keeping track of them by labeling each bottle and grouping similar types, flavors and ages together. Some avid wine collections even invest in wine room management software programs to keep track of their bottles.

undercounter wine storage
If you're lacking space in your kitchen, storing wine under your countertops or in your kitchen island is a great idea. You can keep them out in the open like this photo from Better Homes and Gardens, or add a lock or door to keep them away from children or animals.