Here’s a Quick Way to Give your Kitchen a New Look

Are you considering a new look for your kitchen but don't want to overhaul the entire room? Consider changing the theme or style of your kitchen using just decorative hardware accents. By updating your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with unique decorative hardware, you can create a different feel based on a theme of your choosing.  Whether you imagine your kitchen to transform into a pristine modern oasis, a rustic cottage, or anything else you can dream up, you can use decorative hardware to achieve that look. Read on to learn more about our chosen collections to create a new story for your kitchen.

High End, Flashy, Gatsby Style

Choosing crystal decorative hardware for your kitchen is an easy and effective way to beautify the look of the room. Upgrade the entire feel of the kitchen with glinting pieces of crystal on cabinet doors, drawers, and more. If your kitchen cabinets are lighter neutral colors, the added crystal pieces with enhance the open feeling of the room. With the sparkling addition, though, you'll also enjoy a heightened sense of luxury in the space. Add crystal hardware to a kitchen with dark cabinets for a nice contrast and a look of old school elegance.

Modern Times and Sleek Lines

Sleek, solid color and simple lines help create a modern look for any room. Adding a solid black decorative door knob or a smooth rectangular drawer pull will add to the contemporary feel. This styling would pair well with solid cabinet colors versus wood finishes. If you feel like going the extra mile and turning this into a small project, paint your cabinets after picking out your collection of decorative hardware. Go for a contrasting style with black hardware and white cabinets or streamline the entire look in a monochromatic scheme.

A Rustic Home in the Woods

Give your home a crafted antique look with this collection of antique pieces. You'll be able to update your whole kitchen with weathered, antique decorative hardware — but you can go about it without the risk of anything falling apart. Depending on your budget, you can find quality, hand-crafted pieces for your kitchen. Consider adding rustic drawer pulls with intricate designs or cabinet knobs with an antique brass finish for a smooth antique look.

Gold-Plated Layers

You will find a gold-plated finish on a large variety of decorative hardware, so you'll be able to create the style you want with ease. Whether you desire 24K gold-plated accents on your drawer pulls or an artfully designed glass knob, the options are endless! There are also pieces available in every price range so, if you're on a budget,you can complete the look without breaking the bank.