Keeping Your Kitchen Safe for Children

magnetic cabinet lock

The kitchen is a place for cooking, eating and spending time with family and friends. However, these happy activities can turn into a disaster when poor safety comes into play. It”s important to keep your kitchen safe, especially if there are young toddlers and children in your home. The following tips and tricks will help to prevent any mishaps and continue to keep your home a safe and relaxing place.

An easy way to keep your kitchen safe is with locks. Locks prevent children from getting into items such as cleaning chemicals or sharp kitchenware. There are a variety of locks on the market today, many aimed at preventing children from getting into cabinets. There are even innovative options such as magnetic locks that are placed inside the drawer to keep the door tightly shut, preventing any pinched fingers from an attempted entry.

Slider stops are another item that can make your kitchen more secure. These prevent the cabinets from being pulled entirely out of the counter, resulting in items falling upon a child.

As simple as it sounds, making sure your cabinets and appliances are properly installed will also keep your kitchen safe. Loose screws can fall and end up in a child”s mouth and cabinets that aren”t properly secured can tip or break if a child tries to climb them or explore.

Having a toy bin in the kitchen with either kitchen toys or regular toys will provide children with a distraction. They are less likely to explore restricted cabinets if they have a cabinet or bin of their own to play with.

Moving hazardous items to top shelves is another simple way to prevent any mishaps. Rearranging the contents of your cabinets won”t take long and will benefit you in the long run.

Other options include safety gates, which help to prevent children from entering the kitchen or certain parts of the kitchen, and outlet covers to to prevent children from electrical hazards.