Top Styles of Drawer Slides and Functions

When installing new cabinets, you have choices to make about your drawer installation and the type of slides you want to use for the install. There are factors to consider, such as appearance, noise, and accessibility. Figure out what is the most important for your utility purposes before making the dive into drawer slide installation.

Keeping It Under Wraps

If the major factor for your cabinets and home layout is to maintain the look, undermount drawer slides allow you to install your drawers without showing any of the hardware. Undermount drawer slides stay completely concealed after you install them at the bottom of your drawers. If you purchased or made special wooden drawers and want to show them off, use these concealed drawer slides. They are concealed and often quiet gliding for optimal use. You can consider this style of drawer slide at any price point, but it is especially great for higher end cabinets and furniture.

Full Access

When you’re building a drawer for a cabinet to use as a utility drawer, you need to be able to access it easily. Full extension drawer slides allow you to reach anything in your drawer without rummaging blindly. The selection of fully extending drawer slides ranges in price and quality. You can get a set of this style of slides for a reasonable price while still getting the security of a 100pound weight load capability. Side mounted slides are common for the ease of installation, and the basic functionality of the fully extending drawer. However you can also find bottom mount full extension slides so that you can enjoy a concealed installation to show off your cabinet and drawer.

Quiet and Self-Closing

Self-closing drawer slides are also often called soft closing slides. The main purpose of this style of drawer slide is for easy closing that doesn't require slamming or banging the drawer. It also eliminates bouncing back when the drawer closes. Your drawers will remain securely closed and never half open when you use self-closing drawer slides. They will require some extra effort to open since they latch closed. You can get side or bottom mount versions of these slides, and choose from partial or full extension.