American Made Ready To Assemble Cabinets

Custom Service Hardware offers American made RTA cabinets for kitchen, bath, workshops, and more. American made products are becoming popular across many industries, including hardware. Stimulating American manufacturing helps strengthen the US economy and supports buying locally. CS Hardware noticed a gap in the industry with a lack of American made cabinets, and they decided to provide for people desiring American made ready-to-assemble cabinets.

American Made RTA Cabinets

CS Hardware has a new line of ready to assemble cabinets that are manufactured in the US. American made RTA cabinets have many benefits over the more common Chinese made models. CS Hardware RTA cabinets offer different door styles and finish options. These American made cabinets are custom made to order, so customers know they’ll be getting exactly what they want. You don’t have to worry about receiving old cabinet parts that were sitting in a warehouse for years! The American made ready to assemble cabinets from CSH are top quality, and they come with no cam-lock fasteners for better installation and better quality results. Most Chinese made RTA cabinets aren’t made of quality wood and generally have a shorter life span with extended use. Choosing American made cabinets from CSH allows you to support US manufacturing, and you’ll receive a better quality product that will stand the test of time.

Blum manufactures the majority of their products in the USA, and CSH is proud to sell Blum products with their ready to assemble cabinets. Our top quality cabinets come with Blum soft closing drawer slides and hinges. You know you’re getting quality products from Blum, and you can enjoy that they were manufactured domestically as well.

Commitment to American Made

CS Hardware also offers other American made items in their product line. Did you know that CSH’s library ladder hardware and barn door equipment are all American made as well? The unique and stylish roller straps available were designed inhouse and manufactured in the USA. The hidden doors from the Invisidoor line are also manufactured in the US by CS Hardware. CSH takes pride in becoming part of the American made movement in the hardware industry.