Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organization

One of the easiest ways to improve the functionality and style of your kitchen is to add  more storage options. Whether you need to optimize a small kitchen or you want to add more character to your kitchen with some unique pieces, there are many great creative ways to complete this project.

On Door Storage

Adding storage to your kitchen cabinet doors doesn't have to look sloppy or added-on. There are many door mount styles of storage that offer you a chance to organize your kitchen in a fun way. Organizing your spices or using a door mounted rack for your pantry are great simple ways to add some character to your kitchen. One of your higher cabinet doors can have a spice rack mounted in the door. No more rummaging for spices or the ones that get pushed to the back. Conversely, use your newly mounted spice rack to hold your wine and shot glasses! Orderly and organized, they'll stay safe from falling or getting pushed around on the shelves.

Instead of losing precious shelf space to piled up cutting boards, you can install a door mounted cutting board holder. These holders come in natural wood models to match with your cabinets. You won't have to deal with clattering cooking sheets and pans when looking for a cutting board with them stored nicely on your kitchen cabinet door.

Drawer Inserts

Drawer organization doesn't have to be boring or plain. There are various styles you can use in your drawers, depending on your needs. Instead of a traditional white drawer insert for your cutlery, consider a natural wood insert. Choose an insert that matches the wood or coloring of your kitchen or adds a nice aesthetic flow. However, if you'd like easy access to your spice rack, why not create a spice drawer! Spice drawer inserts come in several different styles with elevated panels to display your spices. Of course, if you want to take your drawer's interior design into your own hands, get a drawer peg board. That way you can choose where the lines and barriers need to be for whatever you want to store in your drawers.

Specialty Storage

The sky's the limit when you want to add creative storage to your kitchen. Wouldn't ironing be less of a pain if your iron was neatly wall mounted next to your ironing board? You can install an iron holder inexpensively to add a little extra convenience to your daily chores. If you want to display your wine in style — and have a spot to hang your wine glasses — you can install an attractive deluxe wine rack along with your kitchen cabinets. For smaller spaces or less lofty wine storage needs, you can find lattice wine racks and other styles, as well as simple bottle racks for wine or other beverages.