Choosing Pine Cabinets for Your Home

When choosing a type of wood for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, there are many factors to take into consideration. You want a wood that is affordable, strong and attractive. A great option that features all of these attributes is pine. Here are a few of pine’s standout qualities.

Pine is relatively inexpensive. Compared to fine woods such as oak or walnut, pine is a widely available and less expensive alternative. The range in price of pine can vary slightly, so look into the different types of pine the manufacturer or store offers.

Pine takes on many different styles. Whether you’re leaving it plain or applying a stain, the look of your pine cabinets can easily be transformed to fit your ideal image. By staining pine a darker color, it will resemble more expensive types of wood- without the hefty price tag.

Pine is durable. Typical wear and tear that cabinets receive won’t show up as easily on pine, so you can go years without having to replace or fix up your cabinet fronts.

Pine has a natural look. For those who want a rustic look for their traditional or country kitchen, pine is a great option. The knotting that is frequently seen in pine is what gives it this look. Since pine has a natural color, it blends nicely with your home décor and other furniture pieces. The natural warmth that pine cabinets can bring to a room is one of its top selling points.

Pine is a popular wood choice. Unlike some of the hard-to-get wood species, pine is quite often available and used by contractors and companies.

Pine is good for the environment. Pine trees are a fairly abundant tree and grow quickly.