Adding Wood Appliqués to Your RTA Cabinets

If you’re in the market to update your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, adding wood appliques is a great way to add subtle accents and enhance the look of the whole room. There are certain factors to consider when choosing appliqués for your RTA cabinets, including size, price, and styling. Appliques can be made to look like they were always a part of your wood furniture with some simple, skillful painting and staining.

Sizing and Deciding on the Right Piece

The first step to deciding what appliqué to choose for your RTA cabinets is to decide on placement and number of appliqués to add. Often many home owners choose a longer and more narrow design to apply in the space below cabinet doors that offers a simple, classic accent piece. In general, refreshing kitchen cabinets is a great way to add resale value to your home and improve the look to potential buyers. Adding wood appliqués and a little antique style can also put a more attractive spin on your home for your own guests or to prospective buyers.

Ways to Add Appliqués to Your Cabinets

If you’re planning to stain or otherwise alter your cabinets, adding an appliqué to that process is extremely easy, and yet the benefits are huge. Intricate designs added to your cabinet doors or around your ready to assemble cabinets adds antique character no matter the real age of your cabinets. Using an antique glaze instantly changes the look of your appliqué and cabinets. Adding a layer or paint or glaze over the whole cabinet once you’ve secured the wood piece seamlessly seals the look. Appliqués are typically easy to install, only requiring wood glue or a micro pinner gun, depending on your preference. Most people would choose wood or hot glue to attach the appliqués. However if you’re choosing a heavy wood piece or just want to ensure a more solid hold, micro pinners are great for making small holes with pins that will be hardly noticeable.

An Abundance of Appliqué Choices

Appliqués big and small can create a nice accent for your cabinets. No matter what your budget allows, you’ll be able to find an appliqué design that fits your style. There are wood appliqués available from $10 to $150, so the options are truly endless. The lower price point offers smaller appliqués and simpler styles. They get more intricate and larger as the price point increases. Whether you’re looking for a floral wreath pattern, a small piece for a tall corner kitchen cabinet, or a long intricate ribbon pattern to accent your whole wood cabinet set, there are plenty of finishes and styles to choose from.