Change Up Your Cabinets with AVENTOS Lift Systems

When deciding on new cabinets for your kitchen, many factors come to mind. You’ll need to make a decision about which type of wood you’ll chose, what color of paint, glaze or stain you’d like and what hardware you’d like to feature on your cabinets. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, AVENTOS lift systems are a practical solution.

AVENTOS lift systems allow your cabinet doors to be lifted up in a fluid motion, giving you access to the cabinets without getting in the way with work in the kitchen. This allows you to easily see everything inside of the cabinet and choose what you need. The doors will stay put after you have lifted them up, so there’s no need to worry about them closing on you.

Another feature of AVENTOS lift systems are that they open effortlessly and close silently. This is great for cabinets that are typically noisy or heavy. The handle on the cabinets is always in a lower position, making it an easy reach for those who are shorter in height.

The versatility of these lift systems allow them to work in almost all kitchens. They are offered in a variety of design options for wooden doors, aluminum frame doors and even five-piece doors. They give any type of kitchen a modern and clean look, and are sure to be the topic of conversation when you are entertaining guests.

A final benefit of AVENTOS lift systems is the easy installation. Since the doors are removed, transporting the cabinets is as convenient as can be. The lever arms and doors easily snap on without the use of tools. Choosing the lift type is just as simple as the installation- just measure the size and weight of your cabinets and you”re done.