The Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to add some color into your kitchen is with the cabinets. While traditional cherry and oak look lovely, choosing bold or subdued colors will give your kitchen an entirely new look. If you’re looking to remodel your home or

just update the look of your kitchen, painting the cabinets a different color is an easy way to do so.

white kitchen cabinets

WhiteWhite cabinets have always been seen as a beautiful option, especially for kitchens. The color will open up your space and makes your kitchen appear larger to the eye. White cabinets give a clean and simple look that most homeowners are looking for. Since white is a neutral color that goes with almost anything, you can bring in any other colors you’d like into your kitchen in the form of tiles, countertops, paint on the walls and appliances. White will always be in style and allows you to constantly be changing things other than the cabinets without worrying about colors clashing.

Black- Black cabinets give a modern and sleek look to your kitchen. Much like the white cabinets mentioned above, black cabinets also go with just about any other color scheme- so your options are endless.

Yellow– Yellow is another popular color choice for cabinets in the kitchen. A light or vintage yellow adds warmth to your space, while a brighter color gives a cheerful look. Yellow also pairs well with many other colors and wood types, so you won’t need to remodel your entire kitchen to match the cabinets.

Gray- Gray cabinets are a nice alternative to the typical white or black that you see in many kitchens. They offer a clean and modern feel and match perfectly with stainless steel appliances.

Red- If you’re looking for a kitchen that really stands out, red cabinets are an easy way to achieve that. Vibrant colored cabinets will warm up the kitchen. They add a pop of color to an otherwise bland space and look equally great in country or traditional settings.

Sage Green- This shade of green has recently become more popular in kitchens. The color gives a calm and peaceful feel to your space, which is helpful in some busy kitchens. This shade pairs wonderfully with neutrals, beiges and woods, so there are plenty of options for color schemes. Sprinkle darker green accents throughout your room to enhance the sage green color.

*some images are from Houzz