Update Your Kitchen with an Island

One way to add storage and beauty to your kitchen is to add an island. Kitchen islands easily become the focal point of your space, so it’s important to make the most of them. There are a wide variety of styles and functions of islands- some use them for storage, others use them to prepare meals and some use them for dining. Ensure that you make the most of your island with the following tips.

Use both sides of the island. Since the kitchen is sometimes the place for both preparing and eating food, utilize your islands for both of these functions. This is easy to achieve with larger islands- keep one side strictly for cooking and preparing meals and the opposite side for dining (complete with chairs or stools).

Install and use the cabinets on your island. If your island doesn”t have ample storage space underneath its counter top, then it’s a good idea to install cabinets or shelves. If you do have cabinets on the sides and underneath, make use of them. Deep drawers can fit pots and pans, while smaller sections are great for utensils or spice racks.

Coordinate your island with your kitchen. Since the island is usually in the center of the kitchen and is the focal point of the room, it’s important that it looks attractive. The island’s cabinets should coordinate with the style of the cabinets that are already in the kitchen.

Add stools or chairs. If you find that you aren”t using your island solely for cooking or are only using it sparingly to prepare meals, turn it into a small dining area. Adding stools or chairs makes for a great breakfast nook or socializing space.

Keep the surface uncluttered. With the extra counter space, you could easily be tempted to store your appliances, food trays, and loose items on your kitchen island. However, the island will become messy and cluttered when you go to prepare food or sit down to eat a meal. Try to dedicate your island to one or two tasks to refrain from turning it into a space to store junk.

Involve the kids. Since islands are at a lower point than most cabinets in a kitchen, it can become a place for the children to make their own food and access dishes and cups. An island is just the right height for your little ones. They’ll love that they can help themselves and maybe even help out with the cooking, too.

*all images are from Houzz