All About Cherry Cabinets

Choosing a type of wood for your new kitchen cabinets may seem like an easy task, but there are a variety of factors that come in to play. The types of wood vary in factors such as price, grain, color and versatility. Cherry wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets due to its beautiful color and simple maintenance; however it is somewhat of an expensive option. Here are some facts about cherry cabinets you should take into consideration when thinking of choosing them for your kitchen.

Cherry wood comes in a range of beautiful colors from reddish brown to a deeper red. These stunning red tones will bring light and warmth to your home. Cherry’s interesting grain ages well and will become richer and darker over time. Because of its color, these cabinets look beautiful with contrasting colors such as cream, black, tan and other shades of brown. Because of their darker color, make sure you choose lighter shades for the walls so the cabinets stand out and don’t blend in with the wall. Stainless-steel appliances typically look best with cherry, but you can try out other finishes as well.

Cherry wood is commonly seen in traditional furniture pieces, but can easily be customized to fit in any style of kitchen. This type of wood accepts stain well, so if you’re looking for a variation in cabinets to fit your kitchen’s style, that is one option (although most people prefer the plain appearance of cherry cabinets on their own). Due to the wide range of colors mentioned above, cherry is a versatile option for your kitchen cabinets. Because of its versatility to different styles of kitchen, you won’t need to worry about replacing your cabinets if you decide to sell your home.

Cherry wood requires relatively simple maintenance and is easy to keep up with. It is a close-grained type of hardwood and will resist shrinking or warping better than other woods. It also has a smooth surface that resembles satin. Basically, if you take care of your cherry cabinets, they will last for years to come in your busy kitchen. To keep them looking like new, routinely clean them with mild soap and water, apply mineral oil to replace the finish and always dry immediately.

Cherry can be on the expensive side, so you should explore many options of companies and retail chains when considering these cabinets to get the best deal. The price also depends on if your cabinets are custom, semi-custom or ready-to-assemble. Keep in mind that you are paying more for these cabinets for their quality and durability, so ultimately they are an investment for your home. Since your cabinets will last for a long time and still stay in style, you won’t need to replace them for a long time.